Whitaker’s Round 1 Mock Draft

Order Team What I would do What I expect Comments
1 Rams Ndamakong Suh Sam Bradford Not Sold on Bradford enough to give him 50 mil guaranteed
2 Lions Russel Okung Ndamakong Suh The Lions need O Line help but at #2 Okung could be a reach.
3 Buccaneers
Gerald McCoy Gerald McCoy The Bucs need that next Warren Sapp type of DT
4 Redskins Eric Berry Russell Okung If the Skins take Berry maybe they can  trade him to get later round picks and still end up with that O line help.
5 Chiefs Bryan Bulaga Eric Berry KC needs O line help and with Eric Berry gone Bulaga would be the only way to go
6 Seahawks C.J. Spiller C.J Spiller They need a home run hitter and I think C.J Spiller is gonna be ROY
7 Browns Trent Williams Derrick Morgan Here’s where I think the Redskins would make the trade for the OT and a 2nd or 3rd rd pick. So the Browns would get Berry for Williams
8 Raiders Jimmy Clausen Jimmy Clausen Who knows what the Raiders could do here. Since they aren’t big on any QB’s they have I can see this move but don’t count out McClain from Bama
9 Bills Joe Hadyen Joe Hayden With all the new receivers in the AFC East the Bills need to bolster the secondary
10 Jaguars Dez Bryant Dez Bryant Jags havent had a Star WR since Jimmy Smith.
11 Broncos Ronaldo McClain Ronaldo McClain Possible he could be gone but if not he shouldn’t slip past 11
12 Dolphins Jason Pierre Paul Dan Williams Paul is a nice talent plus being from South Florida he might sell some tickets but they also need that NT to plug up the middle
13 49ers Earl Thomas Earl Thomas Best player available and could turn into a star playing under Singletary and with Patrick Willis
14 Seahawks Charles Brown Charles Brown A USC Kid that should be perfect for what Pete Carroll wants to do because he did it all through college
15 Giants Brandon Graham Brandon Graham He is that OLB/DE tweener that the Giants seem to like.
16 Titans Everson Griffen Everson Griffen Freakish athlete…Think Javon Kearse.
17 49ers Anthony Davis Bruce Campbell 49ers need O Line help. I think Campbell is a reach that high but his Combine results was off the charts.
18 Steelers Maurkice Pouncey Maurkice Pouncey Whoever is playing QB this year is going to need to be protected, no better place to start than the middle.
19 Falcons Jermaine Gresham Kyle Wilson Gresham would have been a top 5 pick last year and Tony Gonzalez isn’t getting any younger. But playing in a division with the Saints CB isn’t a bad choice
20 Texans Ryan Matthews Ryan Matthews They need a solid RB and Matthews has superstar potential. If Spiller falls look for the Texans to move up possibly.
21 Bengals Demaryius Thomas Brian Price They need that big WR to compliment Chad but they need to get better push from the D line as well.
22 Patriots Jahvid Best Segrio Kindle I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jerry Hughes from TCU or Demaryius Thomas go here if he is still available.
23 Packers Taylor Mays Taylor Mays Taylor Mays gives the Packers an instant upgrade over Bigsby.
24 Eagles Sean Witherspoon Mike Iupati Eagles need defensive help but Andy Reid goes offense in the 1st rd all the time
25 Ravens Devin McCourty Jermaine Gresham Same I think the Falcons should go TE is the reason I think the Ravens will go TE but if Gresham is gone CB is the way to go
26 Cardinals Arrelious Benn Sean Witherspoon Benn may be a faster, stronger Anquan Boldin. But the Cards D needs more help than the O. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Jerry Hughes here either
27 Cowboys Bruce Campbell Anthony Davis Whichever OT the 49ers don’t pick the Cowboys will. This is a good value for Campbell.
28 Chargers Terrence Cody Kareem Jackson Chargers need that space filler at NT and that’s what Cody is but they also lost their best CB this offseason.
29 Jets Jerry Hughes Jared Ordrick They should go D line in some shape or form.  If Cody slips past San Diego he could go here.
30 Vikings Brian Price Devin McCourty Pat Williams is getting old but The Vikings have a need at Corner.
31 Colts Mike Iupati Jerry Hughes The Colts draft offense in the first round all the time as well
32 Saints Carlos Dunlap Carlos Dunlap Huge upside. Character issues but at #32 he’s not a bad pick especially for a need position

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