The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Round 1

This was the greatest NFL draft ever! Let me clarify that before people begin to scream “No, the 83 draft was the best ever.” This was the greatest draft ever as far as the drama and intrigue. Everything pretty much went according to script until the Oakland Raiders and pick #8.  Nobody knew where the Raiders were going with their pick and when they selected LB Rolando McClain boy did the dominos fall.  Radio City Music Hall turned into Wall Street with all the wheeling and dealing teams were doing. In the end there were only 7 trades but it seemed like every pick was somebody moving up to get a player they liked.  I cannot remember a draft, in any sport, with so much excitement. I don’t agree with Roger Goddell’s disciplinary actions at times but the man is a marketing genius.  Moving all that theater into primetime was one of the best moves he ever made. With that said here’s my quick recap of the best and worst of the first round.

The Good: The best move of the draft in my opinion was the Cowboys selection of Dez Bryant. If he would have been eligible to play all season he would have been a lock as a top 5 pick and the Cowboys managed to get him at 24th overall. The combination of Romo, Austin, Witten, and now Bryant will give NFC East D coordinators headaches for years to come.

The Bad: The worst move of the draft was Jacksonville at 10.  Jacksonville reached on DT Tyson Alualu from California. If they were that in love with him they should have traded down because he surely would have still been on the board seeing as how he was projected as a late 2nd early 3rd round pick.  They made a similar reach a couple years back on DE Derrick Harvey and while the jury is still out on him, he certainly doesn’t appear worthy of the #8 pick in the 2008 draft.  These types of moves give me a gut feeling that Del Rio won’t be the General in the Jaguars war room for much longer.

The Ugly: Jimmy Clausen not getting drafted in the first round surprised a lot of people. There were many questions about Clausen but nobody expected him to completely fall out of the first round. Nobody would have guessed Tim Tebow (I’ll dissect this move in a later post) would go ahead of Clausen. I think Jimmy Clausen puts too much air on his deep ball, plays small in the pocket, and believes he is better than he really is so I wouldn’t have picked him in the 1st round but I wasn’t drafting new NFL talent last night. I surely thought some team would reach on him high in the draft and if not then a team would move up to grab him late. The quote of the night came from Mel Kiper when talking about Jimmy Clausen he said “I had him rated higher than Sam Bradford and I had him getting off the board in the top ten, but now you’re a second round pick…deal with it.” That’s classic.


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  1. Good post and I agree with your good and bad. I think the Jags should be kicking themselves since the guy they selected would surely still have been available in the late first round. Trade that pick down for anything and get the guy you want plus something (even if it is a gallon of gatorade).

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