NBA Playoffs are in full effect

Last week, around the start of Game 3 for each series, I drafted up a posting about the non-suspense of the NBA Playoffs this year. The affects of key injuries late in the season, was showing in the 1st 2 games of each series. Also being showcased, was the “clear” mismatches in each series. Los Angeles Lakers up 2-0 showed that the Thunder just didn’t have the closers to compete with the veterans of LA. Bobcats without a win in the series due to their ineffectiveness on offense, as well as defense, with Orlando shooting 3’s at will. Boston up 2-0 by proving that the playoffs is the season of team-game, and Dwayne Wade can’t do it all alone. Atlanta Hawks exploiting the Milwaukee Bucks young backcourt, and non-exist frontcourt sans Andrew Bogut. Chicago Bulls just no match for the Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Utah Jazz, although tied the series at 1-1, still not looked at as any type of threat to the talented Denver Nuggets. Now 4 games in and the thrill of the NBA Playoffs is beginning to surge.

The Deron Williams led Jazz are up 3-1 on the Nuggets, who were heavily favored to contend towards the Western Conference Finals. Thunders young cast has unleashed two 100-point games to tie the series with the defending champions, and don’t look to be letting up. Milwaukee coming alive and putting a hurting on the Hawks the last game to pull back into the series. It was widely thought that the Heat-Celtics would be a closer series, but had it not been for Wade’s career day last game, he would have been home on South Beach contemplating where to take his max deal at this summer. Another series thought to be close was the Spurs and Mavs; showcasing two deep veteran teams, with added fuel to the fire as Texas state rivals. Nowitzki came on strong game 1, but has since fell down 3-1 due to the excellent play of the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili and George Hill.

After a down year in the early rounds of last years playoffs, outside of the Celtics-Bulls match-up, this years playoffs are truely showcasing the talented teams of the NBA. I am actually taking time to watch the opening rounds of this playoffs, and suggest you do too. I wouldn’t want you missing the star power of Lebron triple doubles, D-Wade 40 point games, Ray Allen’s 3’s from all over the court, young talented guards in Derrick Rose and Brandon Jennings scoring at will, or this Rusell Westbrook dunk…..ewwwww


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