The Tim Tebow Project

It is safe to say Josh Mcdaniels has made his mark in Denver. He came in and ran off a franchise caliber QB. Traded away arguably the best WR in the game, and got rid of a solid TE. Not to mention dismissing a defensive coordinator in Mike Nolan that did a great job in comparison to where the Denver defense was before he got the job. Mcdaniels reminds me of Lane Kiffin, young cocky Wiz kid former coordinator that believes he has all the answers. That is a dangerous combination for someone at the head of a multimillion dollar organization. With all his questionable moves, none was more questionable than the 25th overall pick in 2010 NFL draft. Josh Mcdaniels decided to strap his legacy and reputation to Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. A decision that I believe will have him looking for work in 3 years.

Tim Tebow is the most decorated college quarterback ever; some people even say he is the greatest college player of all time. But what he did in college that brought him so much success in college will be completely absent in the NFL.

In college Tim Tebow displayed great talent but was also a product of Urban Meyer’s great scheme. Meyer runs a version of the spread option that people are still trying mimic and figure out. Tebow did not have to drop back from under center and go through progressions. He usually had an “either or” read, meaning either you go here with the ball or you go there. The use of motions and play actions left linebackers and safeties stunned to the point that wide receivers were running wide open or in one on one situations, which helped cover up Tim Tebow’s lack of accuracy.  Tebow has good not great arm strength so he will struggle throwing the intermediate to deep routes. If you watch the film many of those completions in college will be easy interceptions in the NFL.

In college Tim Tebow was able to outrun linebackers and run over safeties. He can’t out run most defensive lineman in the league and he might be able to run over a few cover corners. People talk about his will and desire to win but in the pros if you don’t perform you don’t eat. I’ll take Patrick Willis’ desire to put food on the table over Tebow’s will to win anyday.

That’s my take on Tebow from a talent standpoint. Now that we know where he’ll play for the next few years let’s look at Tebow from a situational standpoint. Denver has a solid QB in Kyle Orton. Denver traded for Brady Quinn. So why draft Tim Tebow? If Mcdaniels think Tebow is the future why bring in Brady Quinn? The answer is Mcdaniels doesn’t have a clue. Taking a quarterback in the first round when the Broncos have major needs on the offensive and defensive lines is a major risk.  The risk becomes even greater when the quarterback is a boom or bust type of project. Experts are saying that Tebow can come in and run the Broncos version of the wildcat, Wild Horses. Problem is Tim Tebow isn’t a wildcat quarterback, he’s an option quarterback and contrary to popular belief the wildcat offense is not the option offense. The option does not work on the NFL level.

Maybe Josh Mcdaniels doesn’t believe in Tim Tebow the NFL QB but likes Tim Tebow the person. Josh Mcdaniels might give Tebow a real shot at playing QB for a year and then move him to H back, where I think he will be mediocre at best. If Tim Tebow is determined to play quarterback and reluctant to change positions, I’ll remind him of another former Heisman winning QB by the name of Eric Crouch no longer employed by a NFL franchise. Nobody knows what will be become of Tim Tebow in the NFL but I know if that project fails, Mcdaniels will be looking for work and Tim Tebow will be off saving the rainforest.


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  1. In my opinion, McDaniels has put the franchise in the best possible position to be a losing team for the next 1-2 maybe even 3 seasons. He wants to clear the locker room of anyone that has the power to form their own opinion. Getting rid of the best 3 players on offense, where offense was their strong point, was just a stupid move. Like you said in another post, they didnt address their main concern in the draft, DEFENSE. Tebow may be a hard worker but he is not a first round pick, end of story. He probably would have still been available in the 3rd or 4th round had they waited.

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