Two Things The NBA Playoffs Tell Us

Now, we reserve the right to remove this post if things change…but there are two things each late spring/early summer that we are reminded of when we watch the NBA.

You can never count out the Spurs.  You can never count on the Mavericks.

We all looked at the Spurs the entire season and thought the team had finally run its course.  Duncan was showing his age.  Ginobli was injured.  Parker was injured.  Jefferson was a shell of his former self.  The bench was inconsistent.  At one point the Spurs were in the eight spot for playoff seeding.  We assumed that they would find their way into the playoffs, only because they were a veteran team, but then get ran over once the playoffs started. 

We looked at the Mavericks and figured they finally added pieces to make a long run in the playoff.  They got Butler and Haywood for nearly nothing.  They had Terry, Kidd, Dirk, Marion, the others, and these new additions.  Then they went on a 13 game win streak.  We thought the Mavs finally got over that mental hump and would go as deep in the playoffs as they were expected to this time around.  When you have so many all-stars on your team, it’s a given right?

Looking at the season for both teams, if we told you that the series was 3-1, you would think the Mavs were up and ready to move on to the next round.

But you forgot one thing…

You can never count out the Spurs.  You can never count on the Mavericks.


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  1. I agree with you totally. This series was decided before it began, but the Spurs have def come together with the Spark from Hill and solid play from Ginobli/ Parker. Dirk just has no luck in the playoffs. No matter how stacked the team may be courtesy of Mark Cuban, the Mavs always seem to fall apart (i.e. 2 years ago losing to 8th seeded Golden state).

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