What about the NBA Draft?

Let us not forget about the NBA Draft and all of the people who made mistakes entering only to never get a call during or after the draft. Or the ones who will get drafted high but will be busts or average. More posts concerning the matter soon. But some quick thoughts.

John Wall – He could be great. He has all of Derrick Rose’s tools and maybe even more of the potential. Hard to see who has the better future but many think it will be Wall. But let’s get one thing clear. Whatever team ends up selecting him will be happy with their future franchise PG.

John Calipari – Used to think he got players to come by illegal recruiting process, but becoming more convinced that players see that he continues to send players to the league. He may still arrange a couple SAT’s for some of his students now and then, but this guy keeps sending talented players to the league and keeps bringing in recruits as a result. Can’t be mad at him. If his entire starting five gets drafted in a couple months, wow. Now if he could only win a ‘chip.

Evan Turner – Just a complete player. Hope he ends up in a good situation because he could become something special. He grew as a player every single year and ran his team in his final season. You can’t question his toughness either, after he came back so quickly from that scary fall earlier in the season.

DeMarcus Cousins – He’s either going to be really good…or a huge bust. Let’s hope the former happens because a team is about to invest a lot of money in him. If he grows up and works hard he can be special too. Has the tools. Let’s see if he has the mind.

Any player from Texas – you became so focused on moving on to the NBA that you ruined something special. You should stay for pride purposes. Sad to see the meltdown that occurred.


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