Great White Hype

As a former athlete and current fan of sports, I feel disrespected by the pedastool that Tim Tebow has been placed on. I feel they put too much emphasis on his persona. Many of these current draftees exhibited the will to win, strong leadership abilities, and that “it” factor. All people want to say about Tebow are his “intangibles”. I do think intangibles go a long way, which is why I was confused that Toby Gerhart fell into the 2nd round. Here is a very productive running back, who was a Heisman runner up last year. There is NO excuse that he should have fallen that low. If you want intangibles, how about a guy who maintained dean list at Stanford University, while doing dual sports.

Not enough?

How about a guy who ran for almost 1900 yards when teams stacked 9 in the box ALL SEASON? He not only did this against Ivy League defenses. He ran for 223 yards against the 7th ranked Oregon Ducks. Against Jimmy Clausen’s Notre Dame Fighting Irish, he ran for 205 yards and three rushing touchdowns. Cal could do nothing but watch him run for 4 TDs on them.

He’s too big, you say? He has to be a fullback!

Gerhart is a 231 pound bruiser that ran a 4.50 time in the 40 yard dash at the combine. Thats faster than Johnathan Dwyer, who they say was out of place as a fullback. That combination of size and speed should be coveted. It also points to his athletic ability.  In baseball he was an outfielder, not 1st baseman or catcher. He also was in the top 7 performers in drills such as 3-cone drill and broad jump at the NFL combine.

You want someone to will your team to victory?

How about a guy who carried his team, as well as the opposing players on his back the whole season. An ultimate leader who left everything on the field. This guy doesnt have any techniques he needs years to perfect to be NFL ready. He is not undersized, and is not lacking the love and dedication to the game. Baseball was his 1st love, but he left that to focus only on football his senior year.

He can’t catch out the backfield? The Chargers need that to replace L.T.!

Ryan Matthews (whom the Chargers jumped up to grab at #12) only caught 11 passes for 122 yards. While Gerhart caught 11 passes for 157 yards. This doesn’t seem like a difference that deserves a difference of 40 choices in the draft.

To me this guy screams feature back, yet has been drafted by a team with arguably the best back in the league, as a insurance back. Maybe even only used for goal-line because of Adrian Peterson’s fumble problem. People were scared to pass on Tebow because he might make them sorry, well I feel they forgot to watch their back as Gerhart charges at them. I’m sure each teams defense will be much more upset at the front office for letting this guy get past them, when its all said and done in 3 years.

I don’t know if you guys feel it, but i’m already amped up by the great white hype.


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