Lakers Repeat? Not Quite Yet…

The Lakers are defending champs.  They have five different players who would be stars on their teams (sorry D-Fish).  They have size, athleticism, and a hall of fame coach with more rings than anybody.  They’re likely on their way to winning this round, seeing that Phil Jackson is 45-0 when winning the first game of the series.  Kobe is finally playing well since Thabo Sefalosha isn’t checking him.  Yet, they still struggled to win yesterday.  Against a team missing two starters.

The Lakers should be worried.  The Jazz execute.  The Lakers get lazy.  When that happens, the Jazz are capable of doing things such as take the lead in fourth quarters when they’ve been down all game.  Coincidentally, that happened in game one.  They took a four point lead in the fourth quarter after trailing the entire game because as we all know, the Lakers can’t keep a lead.  The Jazz are obviously short-handed and nobody is expecting them to win this series.  But if the Lakers play like this in one of the next two rounds, against far more complete, healthy, and seasoned teams, they can kiss their hopes of a repeat goodbye.

Speaking of healthy, if Andrew Bynum does not get surgery, I don’t like their chances.  He has a small tear in his meniscus, which could become a big tear, which could end his season.  A healthy Bynum to play against the likes of Dwight Howard or Shaq or Big Z or Gortat is very important.  If I am Phil Jackson I’m sending him to the doctor to get one of those Brandon Roy surgeries.

Again though, if they don’t figure out how to close out opponents, they have no chance.  They shot 60.1 percent going into the fourth quarter.  Had an eight point lead.  Their bench then came up and decided to sit on the scorers table while the Jazz went on an 8-1 run.  The bench is atrocious.  Luke Walton plays as well in the triangle that we know he can one minute and then plays like an undrafted rookie the next.  Farmer, who has been NEEDED by the Lakers to take over starting duties for Fisher for a couple years now, has been passed by Shannon Brown.  And still Farmer doesn’t get it sometimes.  Shannon Brown dribbles with one hand and tries to dunk on everybody.  Josh Powell barely gets in (it has to be because he doesn’t get the triangle well or is a liability on defense because he is usually serviceable in his spot time).  Mbenga is just happy to be there.

The Lakers need to fix their problems.  They needed Kobe to save them again.  32 points.  Started 6 for 6.  Had to save the day again in the fourth, scoring 11 of the last 15.  If the Lakers don’t fix things now, they’ll be watching San Antonio or Phoenix playing the Magic (yeah I said it) in the finals.  I don’t think Kobe will allow that, but at the end of the day, it’s a 5 man game with a 3 or 4 man bench.  Do I want a Lakers repeat? Yes.  Do I think the Lakers repeat?  Not quite yet…


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