Spring is here

It’s that time of the year again. The snow has melted away, and the sun is shining strong. The flowers are blooming, and the rain is iffy. That can only mean 1 thing….


There are numerous teams across the professional sports that we here at SkyBoxTalk follow, that should take this time to clean house.

Dallas Mavericks, NBA:

This team instantly jumps out after recently suffering another 1st round exit after being a top-2 seed in the Western Conference of the NBA Playoffs. The Mavs have been consistant underachievers during the Nowitski era. At 1st they felt that the Steve Nash-to-Nowitzki combo had peaked, and thus did not keep Nash around. Nash went on to win back to back regular season MVP awards, and Dirk continued to watch others hoist the trophy. Most recently, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban bought a higher caliber roster with mid-season trades for Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood. No approach seems to bring Cuban less stress during the off-season, so I think its time to gut the roster and start over. They have nice young guards in Rodrigue Beaubois and JJ Barea to start building around.

Washington Capitols, NHL:

The Capitols are another team who in recent years has consistantly let it’s city down. They won the President Trophy in the regular season (Most Points in the NHL), and were primed to make a strong push for the Stanley Cup. Behind the strong MVP play of Alex Ovechkin, they were unstopabble. Then they switch goalies mid-game…AGAIN, and fail to score on power plays. It’s safe to say this core group of players will not get it done in the playoffs. Time to break down the roster and rebuild around Ovie.

Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL:

Here is a team that at 1 time was the immediate threat to the Peyton Manning led Colts crown as AFC South Champions. Now this 1st loser title goes to the Houston Texans, and the Jags are an afterthought of the division. I know this statement of them needing to clean house is a little early since the 2010 season has yet to start, but i’m sure they will be perfect candidates for this come December 2010. Cleaning house to this team however would be an understatement. Looking at this team, there are very few positions that have a 2nd stringer ready to step in an be the starter of the future. Who is the back-up QB behind Garrard? They don’t even have a steady #2 reciever, let alone #3 or #4. The defense is in no way primed to compete against the passing attacks of the Texans or Colts, or even the running attack of the Titans. This franchise as a whole needs a new identity, and i think a new location would help that transition.


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