Have we found the favorites in each division?

Well, well, well…only a week or so ago we said that you can’t count out the Spurs. While we still believe in that, given that they climbed out of an 0-2 hole only a couple years ago against CP3 and the Hornets, it’s hard to see them overcoming that this year. They’re older and are getting pounded on the boards by the Suns. While we don’t envision the Spurs laying down and allowing Phoenix to walk over them for the rest of the series, especially at home, this series could be over before we even realize it.

The Lakers, meanwhile, have been toying with the Jazz. Utah looks helpless at some points, mainly because they just don’t have the size to win this series. Although Boozer and Millsap are some of the best passing power forwards in the game and play extremely hard, they’re playing alone against three 7-footer (Koufus and Fesenko just don’t matter enough). Their execution keep the games somewhat close, but at the end of the day, do we really see them winning more than one game. Don’t be surprised to see a sweep.

In Orlando, I think we have found our clubhouse favorites. When Dwight Howard puts his hands on the basketball and not opposing players, he is able to stay on the court and make a huge impact. When Vince Carter takes a red bull, a monster energy drink, and a dunkin donuts coffee, then pulls his skirt down, he plays great. When both of them are playing well, along with Jameer Nelson who is playing like a star again, the sky is the limit.

Many people will not agree with the following statement, but don’t be surprised to see whoever wins the Cavs-Celtics series to be sent home before the NBA Finals. LeBron is hurt. Shaq and Z are old. Mo Williams likes to disappear in the biggest moments. Delonte West busts his guns. Jamison will either show up big time or shoot himself out the gym. I expect the Cavs to win the series but lose to Orlando. They’ll be able to spread the floor outside and will likely dominate on the inside with Howard. If the Celtics win the series, their age will show against Orlando.

And back in the West, there may be some bias scattered in this assessment but the Lakers will probably beat the Suns. The size of LA will work in their favor until the Finals and there is no Thabo Sefalosha type of defender on the Suns.

What do you all think?


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