King Me???

Will this be the look on his face Thursday night?

With all the Bron-bashing going on, I had to edit this post somewhat. After lengthy debates here at SkyBoxTalk, it’s clear those Witnesses of LeBron, are starting to lose faith.

It hard for me to compare LeBron to Kobe, because they have been placed in different situations. Kobe was brought into the Lakers to play a prominent swing-man role. They had him playing PG, SG, and SF the first 2 years, and surrounded him with proven veterans. Kobe was all about crossovers and highlight plays around the rim. The 1st option was Shaq down in the post. Bryant wasn’t expected to make the big shot, they already had Derek Fisher and Robert Horry fighting over that. With that being said (Bron fans who still think Bron is on the track to greatness), Kobe did work and perfect his craft. Before his 7th year in the league, he was a threat with the ball in his hands to close the game out.

LeBron was brought into this league to be the star and focal point of the Cavs from Day 1. He was surrounded with young talent like himself to grow together and build a dynasty. All the pressure has been LeBron’s alone to burden, from the start. This point makes me believe it’s reasonable for LeBron to be compared to Allen Iverson. All the success and failure of the team each day falls directly on LeBron’s performance. Iverson made a living getting into the lane, at under 6ft tall. If this is the role that LeBron is placed in, he still falls short of his expectations. At 6’8” that type of slashing style should garner much more success throughout these playoffs. There were quotes from James, about his ability to win the scoring title, if he needed. Well that’s exactly what has been needed in these recent losses, and he has not showed up. It is clear that the Cavs’ supporting cast of Mo Williams, Delonte West, Anderson Verejao, etc have not stepped up to help in the least. If LeBron was out taking control and scoring more than 4 points a quarter, the Cavs would at least be more competitive on the losses. Why is LeBron not showing his ability to easily win the scoring title while the Cavs are going through numerous scoring droughts? The Cavs might not win under LeBrons 30 point nights, but I bet they would have more of a chance.

The majority of SkyBoxTalk members are in fact LeBron fans, but we are also fans of the game. We in no way are hating on LeBron, but we realistically can say that these type of performances are mind-boggling. How can that type of talent be held to such a low production? I’ll be watching for him to turn it on, if not I’ll be turning it off.


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