The Rising Suns

Everybody expects the Lakers to be in the Finals in a week or two, but we shouldn’t be so quick to place them there.  With the Lakers facing injury issues and the only real concern for the suns being Robin Lopez it sure is starting to look good for the team from Arizona. Well, that is unless Lopez or Barbosa are walking around without their identification but that’s another story.

What the Suns have going for them is a two time MVP in Steve Nash. And maybe the perennial all star Stoudemire. Can’t forget about former slam dunk champion Jason Richardson. There’s also Grant Hill, who before injuries set in, was set to be the next big star and has finally remained healthy. The bench is outstanding too. Dragic is playing lights out right now while Frye and Dudley are performing their jobs admirably. This team has not only returned to a fast paced style of offense that gave the lakers trouble in round one but also bought into what was once a bad word in the arena. Defense. The Lakers better not expect a quick series and if they are caught sleeping the Suns will be more than happy to let them know that as they advance to the NBA finals themselves. This should be an exciting series. Can’t wait to tune in tonight. Should be fun…


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A law student at a highly respected law school. Doing what I have to do to get where I want to go. This blog is simply going to track my progress...hope you enjoy!

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