NBA Finals Predictions

K.T. – This storied rivalry is surprisingly being renewed. The difference this time is these aren’t led by the 3 or 4 best players in the league, as it was in Lakers-Celtics Finals matchups of the past. Kobe Bryant, arguably the best player in the NBA today, does highlight the Laker roster. The Celtics however are being led through this postseason by their PG, Rajon Rondo. The Celtics as a team have shown Champion moxy, however. With this being said I look for the Celtics to win this series. After watching each team battle their way to the Finals, I think the Celtics have shown more as a team. They have shown they can suppress a superstar-led team by beating the Cavs, and have shown they can have any one of their starters lead the team to victory. The Lakers success seems to have come from Kobe having a big 1st quarters, and then feeding the bigs to close out the game. Stopping Kobe will not be a task I think the Celtics will be able to do, but stopping the Lakers bigs is achievable. Kendrick Perkins was trusted to cover Dwight Howard one-on-one, so I can’t see him having trouble with a limp legged Andrew Bynum. Garnett is not the all world player he once was, but will still be a formidable opponent to Pau Gasol. Pierce can outscore Artest by double digits, and can defend almost as well on the other end. All these factors lead me to believe in the Celtics in a repeat of the series from 2 years ago.  Celtics in 6.

N. Gray – A Rivalry renewed for another generation.  The Celtics always get the upper hand.  It’s time for the Lakers to get some redemption.  I think this is their chance.  Kobe has been unstoppable of late.  Lamar Odom has been playing great basketball.  Pau Gasol has been playing well.  Artest is starting to heat up.  Bynum is playing this time around.  They have the size, they have the experience after three straight Finals appearances.  They’ll have the Championship this year.  The Celtics have played well this postseason but they played a one man team the first two series and played a perimeter team in the last series.  This team is much more balanced than the other three teams.  While the Celtics are going to play great defense, if the Lakers react well, it should be a good series for the Lakers.  I think they’ll know what to expect from the Celtics this time around.  I think Artest plays well enough to minimize the damage Pierce can do.  I think Ray Allen plays well enough to not say he disappeared.  I think Rondo has a great series.  Garnett will probably have a series similar to the last one.  Odom will play big…and the Lakers will win it all.  They’ll get that 16th championship.  Kobe will get his 5th ring.  Lakers in 6.


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