Story #1 – Looming Labor Talks

It’s almost inevitable that we will have to deal with a lockout next year in the National Football League because both sides are being too greedy. Both the league and the players must make concessions, and that must be done soon. Don’t make the fans suffer because of egos and agendas. Remember that at the end of the day, fans are what make you profitable. If there are no fans, there are no ticket sales. There are no endorsements for players and no corporate advertising for the owners.

Regardless, it’s ridiculous hearing owners say that they have no money and cannot afford to keep paying these salaries, yet Sam Bradford just got $50 million guaranteed. You read that right. Meanwhile, it seems like half the Chargers veteran players are waiting for the money they deserve. On the other coast, the best cornerback in the game is sitting back and watching other players get paid while he gets an ordinary player’s salary. The system just isn’t working.

But the veterans argument isn’t totally safe when you have Albert Haynesworth throwing baby fits because he’s been asked to earn his $100 salary. Nonetheless, the system must work somehow. While great college athletes should be rewarded for their play at the college level, they should not be getting the types of salaries that veterans are getting. The veterans, meanwhile, need to show these owners that they are worth the money that should be invested in them. Don’t just play well during your contract year. Play for integrity.

Make the salary system sort itself out. I think that shorter, lower, but guaranteed contracts are the way to go for veterans and a rookie pay scale should also be considered. The owners also need to stop colluding and pay up to people that deserve the money.

This is not going to end pretty by any means. If I were the NFLPA I’d seriously consider trying to get some of the league money into a pool for post-career health issues caused by a player’s time in the league. The players are making the league money when those years that they are able to, so the league should take care of them to a certain extent once their playing days are done.

I’ll be talking more about this particular topic as the season progresses. I was fortunate enough to work briefly for the NFLPA so I’m a little biased, but this is an interesting topic regardless.

One last note. Pay Revis…


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