What We Learned from Week 1…

Every Monday I’m going to give you the top 5 storylines and what we learned from the Sunday that was in the NFL.

5) San Francisco…ehhhh?!?!
Most people had San Francisco just running away with one of the league’s weakest divisions, but that’s why you play the games. To say the Niners came up short yesterday is an understatement. The offense continuously sputtered in the red zone and the defense did not have the showing that many expected. Alex Smith looked like he regressed over the summer. After the game Mike Singletary said “I wanna thank Seattle for whooping us and waking us up.” Maybe the 49ers being the darlings of the NFC West was a pipe dream all along.


4) Cowboys look unimpressive in DC
The Cowboys have high expectations to play a “home” Superbowl in their stadium this year. They often are referred to as the most talented team in football but their offense sputtered through the preseason. Luckily they played the Redskins first who’s still trying to figure it all out.  The skins have a new coach, new QB, new offense, and have to deal with the Haynesworth controversy so there’s no way the Cowboys could lose to the Redskins right? Wrong! Being from DC I know how much it means for the Redskins to beat the Cowboys. In all honesty it was more of the Cowboys losing than the Redskins winning but there’s no explanation box in the standings column. This was one of those losses that at the end of the season you’re wishing you had back.  If the Cowboys are going to fulfill those Superbowl aspirations they have to eliminate the brain farts in clutch situations.

3) Arian Foster’s big day
The Texans have a great team on paper. Every time I look at their roster I can’t figure out why they aren’t a perennial playoff team, then I remember they play in the Colts division. The Colts have been taking the Texans lunch money since they came into existence. Yesterday the bully got punched in the mouth. Arian Foster shredded the Colts defense for 231 yards and 3 TDs on 33 carries. Foster appears to be that one cut back the Gary Kubiak needs to make that zone blocking scheme work. I have always said the Colts benefited from being in a division full of rebuilding teams and that’s why they perform so badly in the playoffs. Looks like the Texans and Titans are no longer rebuilding and the Colts better get ready.

2) The Lions got robbed!!! Wait a second…
First things first…Calvin Johnson is a beast. Now that we have stated the obvious let’s talk about the catch. When I first saw it I thought he got robbed but after watching several replays, fast and slow, I think the right call was made according to the rule. They should have just given him the TD based on the situation and how he embarrassed the cornerback alone honestly. This all would have been a mute point if two things would have happened: Johnson keeps two hands on the ball and Stafford doesn’t get hurt. If Johnson just holds the ball with two hands it’s a touchdown no debate but if Stafford doesn’t get hurt I don’t think the game comes down to that last minute drive. One thing is for sure next time Calvin Johnson jumps over a DBs head in the end zone (which will probably be next week) he’ll squeeze the ball with the jaws of life.

1) QB controversy in Philly
Maybe controversy is a knee jerk reaction; I mean its only week one. Let’s say they have a QB question mark. Kevin Kolb stunk up the joint and Vick looked like vintage Vick. You remember the Vick that was the most exciting, highest paid player in the league at one point? Looks like he’s back. And if that Vick is back Kolb better grab a clipboard. Andy Reid decided to ride with Kolb so I’m pretty sure he is not going to admit he was wrong after week one so I fully expect for him to trot Kolb back out there. I also fully expect Kolb to not produce so the fans in Philly should be gearing up to ride the Michael Vick experience.


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