Who Will Win In Week Two!?

Week two and we’ve decided to start calling games.  At the end of the season, we’ll see who ends up with the best record between the four of us handling football duties here at SkyBoxTalk.  Click below to see our picks this week!

Buffalo at Green Bay

Consensus – Green Bay

Baltimore at Cincinnati

NG/KT/FR – Baltimore

DW – Cincinnati

Tampa Bay at Carolina

NG/KT/DW  – Tampa Bay

FR – Carolina

Kansas City at Cleveland

Consensus – Kansas City

Pittsburgh at Tennessee

NG/FR – Pittsburgh

KT /DW- Tennessee

Chicago at Dallas

Consensus – Dallas

Arizona at Atlanta

NG/FR/DW – Atlanta

KT – Arizona

Philadelphia at Detroit

Consensus – Philadelphia

Miami at Minnesota

Consensus – Minnesota

Seattle at Denver

NG/KT/DW – Seattle

FR – Denver

St. Louis at Oakland

NG/KT/DW – Oakland

FR – St. Louis

Houston at Washington

NG/DW – Washington

FR/DW – Houston

New England at New York Jets

Consensus – New England

Jacksonville at San Diego

Consensus – San Deigo

New York Giants at Indianapolis

NG – New York Giants

KT/FR/DW – Indianapolis

New Orleans at San Francisco

Consensus – New Orleans


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A law student at a highly respected law school. Doing what I have to do to get where I want to go. This blog is simply going to track my progress...hope you enjoy!

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