What We Learned from Week 2…

5) Houston looks to finally have turned the corner

I thought last week when the Texans beat the Colts it was just the result of one team hyping themselves up to beat another team the entire offseason. After beating Indy and having the Cowboys in week 3, the Redskins on the road looked like the perfect trap game for a team that still doesn’t know how to win consistently. I figured they would come to DC and lay an egg; for the first half of that game I was right. Then Matt Schaub decided to light up the Redskins secondary for 497 passing yards. Houston looks like they can make some real noise this season. They showed in these past two weeks they can beat you on the ground or in the air. The defense should get better when defensive ROY Brian Cushing returns. Maybe people were picking the wrong Texas team to play in the Superbowl.

4) The Vikings might not be that good

Brett Favre had the best statistical season of his career last year. People had to expect some sort of drop off but nobody expected them to look this bad. I’m hearing “he’s not in sync with his receivers” but he pulled the same training camp diva move last year and nobody said anything. Last year they were 2-0 so people tend to overlook things when you’re winning; when you’re 0-2 the microscope comes out. People can’t say they need to give the ball to Adrian Peterson more because he had 28 carries yesterday.  The only conclusion I can come to is they just might not be that good. Maybe if they can trade for Vincent Jackson things may start to change but how much chemistry will Favre have with him? Not looking good in Minnesota.

3) The Cowboys might not be that good

The Cowboys offense looked horrible all preseason. They kept writing it off as it just being preseason. Now it’s the regular season and well…their offense sucks. Jason Garrett has become the new Mike Martz because he obviously hates running the ball. The Cowboys only had 18 total rushing attempts between 3 very capable running backs. If they think they can win with Romo just slinging it around, it will definitely be a long season in Dallas. Their defense doesn’t look that great either. I mean Demarcus Ware looks like a stud but outside of him they are not impressive. The Cowboys are on the road at Houston next week. If that defense couldn’t stop Jay Cutler and Romo thinks he can hang with Schaub in a shootout…sounds like a recipe for 0-3 to me.

2) Pennsylvania QB conundrum

Last week I said the Eagles didn’t have a QB controversy but more of a question. The question has now become how can Andy Reid justify putting Kolb back in? Vick was spectacular again yesterday. If Andy Reid puts Kolb back in and he stinks up the joint, Reid will divide the locker room and ultimately lose it. Kolb should be healthy enough to play this week so things will only get more interesting in Philly. Meanwhile on the other side of Pennsylvania there is no similar controversy brewing. The Steelers won yesterday with what is essentially their 4th string QB. It doesn’t seem to matter who the Steelers have at QB; their defense will give them a chance to win every week. When Big Ben finishes his suspension he will step right in at QB with no argument from anyone.

1) Quarterbacks riding the pine wood carousel

Week two was the week of the no.2’s. Michael Vick, Seneca Wallace, Charlie Batch, and Shaun Hill all saw time yesterday because the guy in front of them was injured the week before or during the game Sunday. Max Hall, Jimmy Clausen, Kerry Collins, Bruce Gradkowski, and Luke McCown all played because the guy in front of them was banished to the bench. The NFL is quite polarized when it comes to quarterback play. You have the Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Schaub, Peyton Manning(s) of the world at the top. Then you have you David Garrard, Derek Anderson, Matt Moore(s) of the world holding down the bottom. The QBs that are bad are really, really bad. I fully expect there to be a few more starting QBs benched within the coming weeks.


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