What We Learned from Week 3…

5) The Carousel will continue to spin…
There have been some outstanding quarterback performances this season with six QBs going over the 300 yard mark in week 3. On the flip side there are still a handful of QBs that should be looking for insurance salesman jobs in the coming weeks. Trent Edwards, formerly of Buffalo fame, has been given his walking papers. I expect Max Hall to take over for Derek Anderson in Arizona within the next month. After Alex Smith proves the weak 49ers offensive output wasn’t, the now unemployed, offensive coordinator’s fault but the inability of his right arm; he too will be holding a clipboard watching David Carr get a shot at redemption. In Jacksonville they are holding open tryouts for anybody that thinks they can play QB and once the competition is over David Garrard can kiss his job goodbye. Jimmy Clausen made his debut as a starter and was far from stellar at 16 of 33 for 188 yards, an interception, and 3 fumbles. Can’t call him a bust after one start but two years from now please be on the lookout for the “I told you so.”

4) San Diego is still on the slow roll.
The Chargers traveled to Seattle and continuously shot themselves in the foot. They decided to leave their kickoff coverage in San Diego and Leon Washington made them pay twice. Penalties and turnovers in the red zone derailed their comeback attempt. Now San Diego is sitting at 1-2 with both losses coming against teams they should have beaten. Granted Kansas City and Seattle are two of the toughest places to play in the NFL, but a team like San Diego is still expected to handle business. Traditionally the Chargers have been a second half team but the window looks to be closing in San Diego.

3) Cowboys and Vikings get off the schnide, but the 49ers…ehhh???
The Cowboys, Vikings, and 49ers all surprised people by going 0-2 the first couple weeks. The Cowboys seemed to put it together on Sunday against Houston. The exposed a suspect Houston secondary and pretty much shut down the highest scoring offense in the league. The Vikings benefited from scheduling and got a win against a struggling Detroit Lions team. Even in victory the Vikings were not very impressive. Favre continues to look like he decided to come back one too many times. The Vikings have a murders row of a schedule the next six weeks with: @Jets, Dallas, @Green Bay, @New England, Arizona, and @Chicago. They could very well be 2-6 at the halfway point of the season. Then we have the 49ers…they stink. They are easily the most disappointing team thus far and could go to 0-5 having to travel to Atlanta then hosting the Eagles.

2) Maybe the Chiefs are that good…
The Chiefs absolutely dismantled the 49ers yet after every Chiefs win; people are saying the team they beat had a disappointing performance. Maybe we all underestimated how fast the AFC West baby Patriots would pull it all together. They have been building a great team through the draft in recent years and now that potential is starting to cultivate. I still think they are a year away from being a playoff team. I don’t think much of Matt Cassel and they need a big play receiver but they have arguably the best home field advantage in the league and a young, fast defense. Kansas City is on the road at Indy and Houston the next two weeks so we should get a good gauge of exactly where the Chiefs are at.

1) When will we start holding Carson Palmer accountable?
Carson Palmer gets a pass more than any QB in recent memory. Yesterday, against a struggling Panthers team, Palmer goes 19 of 32 for 195 with 1 TD and 2 interceptions. This team has just as much firepower as anybody in the NFL but continues to struggle to produce points. Any other team people would be calling for the QBs head but for whatever reason Carson gets a pass. He often throws bonehead picks that we shouldn’t see from an eight year veteran and I cannot remember him ever showing up in a “big game.” The media continues to point to the “character problems” in the locker room as the reason for Cincinnati’s failures but in reality it might be lackluster quarterback play.


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