NFL Week 3 (3 Up and 3 Down)

Every Tuesday we will examine top 3 performances from the past week that have shown a significant positive movement, and the bottom 3 that have unimpressed. This weeks 3 up and 3 down.

Three Up

1. Mike Vick – The new starting QB for the Philadelphia Eagles has been phenomenal. He has appeared in all 3 games this season, starting 2, and has provided a high powered offensive attack in each. Last week was his best performance to date: 17-31 for 291 yards with 3 TDs, and 4 rushes for 30 yards with 1 TD, all while posting a 119.2 passer rating.  The most impressive aspect to Vick’s performances has been the decisions and throws he has been making. His arm mixed with the ability to extend a play with his legs, helps maximize the Eagles WR talents.

2. New York Jets – After opening the season with a loss, the (Superbowl bound) New York Jets now sit at 2-1. What’s even more impressive is the last 2 wins have come against playoff caliber division foes, in the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. This recent win against the Dolphins actually showed the Jets offense outperform their own defense. Head Coach Rex Ryan will say he’s unhappy with the defensive play, but he must be happy with the way the offense performed. The defensive will get back on track, but if the offense continues to perform at this caliber we will have to start un-italicizing the disclaimer about the (Superbowl bound) New York Jets.

3. Chicago Bears – After the battle of the unbeatens on Monday Night Football, the Chicago Bears emerged victorious over the Green Bay Packers. All facets of their game seemed to produce in the win. The defense was flying across the field and held up nicely against the Packers empty back sets. Green Bay didn’t even try to establish a rushing threat and the DBs and LBs of Chicago responded nicely. Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs showed why they have started the most games together as a LB tandem for such a formidable defense. The offense is much more impressive due to Jay Cutlers improved play. His confidence in himself, as well as his receivers is showing by the risky throws he was making. Although the way he just threw the ball up a few times could have proved costly, the fact they they resulted in positive plays has him leading the last unbeaten team in the NFC and lands him on our UP list.

Three Down

1. Jacksonville Jaguars – With numerous blackouts looming, the team has not put together any performance that will warrant more fan support. This team has the top spot at being down because they do not have the depth to go a different route this season. There simply are no viable options or competition at key positions. The offense will have to continue to struggle behind QB David Garrard’s horrible play, and the defenses inability to stop anyone.

2. The San Francisco 49ers organization – All are to blame for this dismal 0-3 start. The players have had uninspired performances, the coaches are being out-coached both before and during gameday, and the front office is left watching it’s former GM win in Seattle with pieces he has acquired this off-season. The 49ers have decided to blame the former Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye, which creates 5 steps back in progress. Alex Smith was supposed to benefit from having the same coordinator 2 years in a row. What is he supposed to do changing coordinators 2 weeks into the season?

3. Trent Edwards – He lost his job this week, no not just his starting job, his job in general. After coming into the season as the Bills starter, he saw Ryan Fitzpatrick start this weeks game. Even in a losing effort by Fitzpatrick, Edwards was released from the Buffalo Bills. It’s odd that a man who won the training camp battle, is not even considered to be an option as a starter or even a backup by the Bills. There will be interest from other teams in Edwards, and maybe with the right situation he can win another starting gig, but for now the hard fall to unemployment is the reality he’s facing.


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