Who’s Safe? Who’s on the Hot Seat?

Who’s Safe?

  1. Gary Kubiak – For the last two years he has been on the hot seat.  However, with the team finishing well last year and getting off to a good start this year, he’s off the hot seat.  For now.  Things could change if they go back to their mediocre ways, but this is a team that was firing on all cylinders before last week.  And that’s understandable.  Dallas was a much more desperate team.  Matt Schuab is going to be one of the league leaders in passing again.  Andre Johnson will remain in the discussion for best WR in the game.  Arian Foster is looking like a steal now.  Their offense is ranked in the top 10 in most of the major categories. But if Kubiak doesn’t do something about that defense soon, his butt will be warm again.  The D ranks 27th in points, 31st in yards and 32nd in passing yards.  While they’re second in rushing yards, they’re getting murdered through the air.
  2. Todd Haley – Did anybody see this coming.  He had the humility to hire two great coordinators who have head coaching experience at some level.  Their rushing game is tops in the league. They’re 11th in points for.  Second in points allowed.  Thirteenth in yards per game allowed.  All good.  But what’s even better is that they’re 3-0 in the AFC West.  A leg up is always needed in that division because San Diego is known to get off to slow starts.  Just look at last year to see how quickly things can turn in that division.  But Todd Haley has been able to get this young team to an undefeated start.  That stands for something.  Kudos to him.  People are interested in seeing how the Kansas City Patriots…er Chiefs are going to end up doing.  It’s exciting in Kansas City again.  Todd, you’re currently safe.
  3. Andy Reid – It’s not like he’ll ever be fired there, but right now he is looking smart for going with Mike Vick at quarterback.  This could have easily backfired on him if Vick came out and laid eggs against the Jaguars, but let’s be realistic.  The Jags suck.  He’ll likely beat the Redskins too.  Their defense gives up the most yards in the league.  We’ll find out if this was a good decision when they play Atlanta, Tennessee and Indy in a three week stretch.  But for now, he looks like a genius for not only putting Vick behind center but for also changing Vick’s mentality at the quarterback position.
  4. Lovie Smith – Are the Chicago Bears 3-0?  Say it ain’t so.  This was a team who could have easily, and still can, have a bad season.  They were also one of the teams that many thought had an equally high ceiling.  Anything is possible in a Mike Martz offense.  Interceptions.  High scoring games.  3-0 starts. 0-3 starts.  If things stay this way though, Lovie Smith will have survived the hot seat for yet another year.  The defense is looking strong again.  Urlacher, Briggs, and Peppers.  Imposing.  Let’s see how long they can keep this up.

Who’s on the Hot Seat?

  1. Jack Del Rio – 30th in points.  30th in yards. 29th in points against. 29th in yards against.  A quarterback who would have been pulled already if they had ANY type of option behind him (and now they might, with Trent Edwards being picked up off waivers…but let’s be honest, there’s a reason they gave up on him in only four years).  Their draft picks have not been panning out for the most part.  They only have one star on that team in MJD.  Blackouts in Jacksonville have become the norm.  The organization is likely losing money, and consequently, likely to head west to LA at some point.  If they do head that route, you can believe they’ll be taking a new coaching and executive staff with them out west.  Jack Del Rio could be gone after this week if they have a viable option to replace him on the staff.  That team is just bad.
  2. Tom Cable – Some say that Hue Jackson headed to Oakland because he knew that at some point Cable would be ousted.  Now, they’re not doing horribly statistically.  Gradkowski looked okay on Sunday.  McFadden and DHB are actually playing NFL football as of late.  They still have one of the top three cornerbacks in the league.  They have a stud at LB in McClain.  But you can never trust Al Davis.  And they play in a division that will be competitive this year.  If their record begins to look worse and worse, we’ll be seeing how Hue Jackson is looking as a head coach by the end of the season.
  3. Tom Coughlin – Never been a big fan of this guy.  Seems like his players never truly embrace him.  Seems like there’s always a spat between him and one of his star players.  His team hasn’t looked too good this season and unfortunately for him, he plays in the toughest media market in the land.  If he begins to lose this team, don’t be surprised if he is gone at the end of the season, if not before then. Their defense is giving up 28.3 points a game.  A defense that many thought would be pretty good.  Eli is busy throwing interceptions and Jacobs is busy throwing helmets.  It currently looks like the NFC South and North will get the Wild Card spots in this conference so expect bad things in NY if the Giants don’t make the playoffs.
  4. John Fox – It’s common knowledge that he’s likely gone after this season.  Sometimes you just need a fresh start elsewhere.  And lucky for him.  While they do have two great young RB’s in Carolina, their WR issues remain…an issue.  They rank near the very bottom in points and yards on offense, and the bottom half in all the major offensive categories.  Their defense looked good against the Bengals at some points, but what defense hasn’t.  John Fox should tank intentionally so he can collect a paycheck while watching the game from the couch and not the sideline.  It would be better for his health.  He’ll probably have no problem getting a head coaching job next year because there seem to be a lot of coaches on the hot seat this year.  Even some of those above that we mentioned as being safe for the moment.

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