NFL Week 4: What to Look For….

The 4-0 Pittsburgh Steelers?

Pittsburgh was projected to start the season, NOT 3-0. Three
games later, three quarterbacks later and they’re 3-0, facing a division
challenge in a stout yet suspect Baltimore Raven defense. Already having
damaged goods in their secondary and their manhood taken from them last
week when Peyton Hillis (who?) went OFF on Ray Ray’s front seven.  Can
that front seven regain their composure and pressure old man Charlie
Batch to not throw two TD’s? Pittsburgh’s defense will have to deal with
a confident Joe Flacco after tossing three straight to Anquan Boldin for
pay dirt. Ray Rice is banged up so Pittsburgh should make sure to make
light work of Rice since they’re 3rd in rushing defense so far.

San Francisco

So when is the real San Francisco going to stand up? They were
the young upcoming defense, they had a “triplets” going on with Smith,
Gore, and Davis, and a soulful couch… so what happened? They placed
the blame on Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye, the same Jimmy Raye who
was supposed to let Smith rise back to his former number one overall
status. There are many distractions going on in San Fran and they don’t
have an easy Sunday coming up with a young and excited Atlanta Falcons
team coming off a big divisional win against the Super Bowl champions
New Orleans Saints.

Donovan Vs. Philly

It’s the big day… The day you see your ex after a long
relationship… and it’s not like yall are meeting to exchange what once
were gifts in private, yall are meeting in front of millions of people
who knew yall were together.  How will Donovan do?  It’s a bittersweet
situation for McNabb.  Can he pull out the win for the team he used to
destroy in the place that holds all of his records? Is he going to make
smart decisions instead of prideful decisions?  Will (new) Vick look
like (old) McNabb and (new) McNabb act like (old) Vick? It will
definitely be an interesting match up between these two teams.


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