What We Learned from Week 4…

5) The Bears might be who we thought they were…
While sitting at 3-1 looks good from a bragging standpoint, that could easily be 1-3. The Bears benefited from a call that shouldn’t have been made (although it was the right call), a penalty-laden Packers game, and a Cowboys team that may have been looking toward Houston. Last night the Giants had nine first half sacks and eventually put Cutler out of the game. In the first quarter of the Cowboys game it appeared that Cutler might not make it out of that one either. Matt Forte is looking very pedestrian at tailback, which could be because the offensive line looks like they get paid for nothing. If they don’t fix that O-line fast, Chicago better invest in a good 2nd AND 3rd string QB. The only bright spot is the defense looks to be solid again. The Bears might have been fool’s gold at 3-0.

4) Green Bay needs find a running game quick.
Aaron Rodger is a great quarterback, that’s a given, but he is going to learn real soon that you cannot win in this league without decent running game. The whole “short passes is our running game” thing sounds good in theory but will ultimately spell doom for the Packers. If the Packers can’t at least threaten people with the run or run out the clock when they have leads in the 4th quarter there will be a lot of heartbreak losses in Titletown. Ted Thompson has proven to be a good GM but he is also very cocky. He needs to pull the trigger and get a running back behind Rodgers because as we have seen that Super Bowl window does not stay open long.

3) What learning curve?

During draft time I wasn’t sold on any of the “big” named QBs as being franchise guys. The kid in St. Louis is looking to shut people like me up. Sam Bradford looks like the real deal. There were questions about his arm coming into the season. His arm looks great. The more impressive thing is he is manufacturing wins with no real receivers. Their losses have been close and their wins have been by double digits. If Stephen Jackson can get healthy and the defense can continue to keep people out of the end zone they have a real chance at being over .500 at the mid-way point of the season. The schedule reads: Detroit, San Diego at home, Tampa, Carolina at home, and the 49ers. I don’t think the Rams will end up being a playoff team but they can definitely be a mid-season surprise.

2) Now things get interesting.

Many questions were asked about how the Steelers, Jets, and Texans would start the season with key players suspended. The Texans have managed to go 3-1, mainly by being an offensive juggernaut. With the return of defensive ROY Brian Cushing they should be able to actually stop people on defense instead of just slowing them down. The Steelers have been just the opposite. They have managed to get to 3-1 by suffocating opposing offenses. The return of Big Ben will make defenses play the Steelers more honest instead of loaded up in the box to stop Mendenhall. The most impressive has been the New York Jets. They lost Darrell Revis, Calvin Pace, and Kris Jenkins to injury and were without Santonio Holmes for the first four games; yet still managed to go 3-1 with a pretty tough schedule. Revis and Pace should be back any week now and the return of Santonio will just make the Jets O that much more potent.

1) This Kolb guy maybe worse than we first thought.

People questioned whether Andy Reid was doing the right thing when he sat Kolb for Vick “indefinitely.” Yesterday Vick got injured and Reid had no choice but to reach for and honestly as I watched that game I wondered “what did they ever see in this guy to start him over Vick let alone get rid of Mcnabb?” Kolb looked even worse than he did against Green Bay. All of the passes he completed were 5 yards or less. He didn’t even think to throw it downfield. During the telecast Troy Aikman continuously pointed out people down the field that were wide open that Kolb just didn’t want to see. The biggest problem wasn’t him missing receivers downfield but the defeated look he had in his eyes. Kolb looked like a guy that couldn’t handle being a starting NFL QB. That is not the look players want to see in the huddle when staring at their field general. Not sure how long Vick will be out but if it’s for any extended period of time the Eagles are in serious trouble.


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  1. Very well written man seriously. HOWEVER, you know I have to hate on Rodgers haha..how can you deem him “great” and he hasn’t even won a playoff game let alone a division title yet? Very impressed with the article though..

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