Week 4: Who’s Safe? Who’s On The Hot Seat?

Who’s Safe?

  1. David Garrard – At least for one more week, Garrard is off the hot seat.  For now he’s safe.  That’s what a win against the Indianapolis Colts will get you.  If Kelvin Hayden had intercepted Garrard’s last pass attempt, he may not be in this section.  Garrard accounted for three of their four touchdowns against the Colts and temporarily hushed his critics.  He’s something of an enigma.  One week he’ll look like a starting quarterback in the NFL and the next week he’ll look like a chicken with his head cut off.  You’re safe this week though, David.  Now go buy Scobee a drink.
  2. Tom Coughlin – What a difference a week makes.  Ten sacks, with nine coming in the first half.  Knocking two quarterbacks out the game.  The New York Giants defense looked scary out there Sunday night, whether some of it was Cutler’s fault or not.  That’s irrelevant.  New York still needs to fix their offense but it seems like they’re coming around. Ahmad Bradshaw is looking good in the backfield, racking up more than 100 yards against a good Bears defense.  The defense gives up the 3rd least yardage in the league but allows the 22nd most points.  The offense has the 7th most yards per game but ranks 21st in points for.  They need to fix things but if the game against the Bears was any indicator, they are on the right track.
  3. Steve Spagnolio – The only people who thought that the rams would be 2-2 at this point were probably their fans and that’s it.  Their organization probably did not even expect it.  But Spags has their defense ranked 4th in points and Sam Bradford is looking like the quarterback some expected him to be before they got scared off by his injuries.  Bradford is throwing to people that aren’t household names and Jackson is nursing a groin injury, but the coaching staff has been finding ways to put the ball in the right player’s hand at the right time while making sure the defense is playing hard.  Hard work is beginning to pay off in St. Louis.
  4. Mike Singletary – He’s safe only because people are scared to tell him otherwise.  He’ll likely make it through the season, but he needs to put David Carr back there first so he can say that he has exhausted all of his options.  Another reason why he remains safe is because his team is built for smash mouth football so it would be hard to change the offensive philosophy midseason when the make-up of the team isn’t built for something else.

Who’s on the Hot Seat?

  1. Brad Childress – If this trade goes through, he will have no excuse not to make it to the Super Bowl this season, whether it is realistic to do so or not.  Childress has been given chance after chance to prove that he isn’t a bad playcaller and that he’s a good head coach.  If he can’t do it with Moss, Harvin, Peterson, and Schiancoe…then he shouldn’t remain in Minnesota as a head coach.  Their defense is 3rd in points and 4th in yards.  They’ve given up less than 40 points total in the first three weeks.  It’s Super Bowl or bust in Minny.  Brad Childress is on the hot seat my friends.
  2. Andy Reid – It was said last week that it’s unlikely he’ll be fired any time soon.  But after singing his praises last week, he is now under some heat because of the quarterback saga going on.  He traded away his QB of the last 11 years to a division rival.  He named a young QB as his replacement as starter.  The young QB looked average in preseason and the first game of the season.  He gets injured and a fragile former star QB comes in and wows everybody for a couple weeks. Former start QB lives up to his fragile reputation.  The young QB comes in to replace him and forgets that he is allowed to throw down field, instead opting to throw short routes the entire game.  His QB of the last 11 years ends up beating the Eagles.  Not looking good in Philly.
  3. Jim Caldwell – When you use a time out with around 40 seconds left in the game after the offense just ran for eight yards on first down, the game is tied, and the opposing team is trying to run out the clock and head to overtime, you deserve to be on the hot seat.  The Colts are 2-2.  They shouldn’t be.  Peyton is playing lights out and is yet again doing it without much of a running game.  Caldwell is looking average as a coach.  Tony Dungy needs to come back and save the day.  It was a bonehead decision by Caldwell no matter what he tries to say.
  4. Eric Mangini – Offense is 24th in points and 21st in yards.  Defense is 14th in points and 22nd in yards.  They have allowed WR’s to have HUGE days against their defense for two straight weeks.  This was after going to the draft and selecting three defense backs to shore up your secondary.  Who cares if they won this last one.  Mangini is going to remain on the hot seat.  He is lucky enough to be coaching the Browns this season.  Now he needs to make them a winning team.

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