NFL Week 5: What to Look For…

Will the Real Team Stand Up?

Will the real NFL team, please stand up? I’m looking at you two,
Kansas City and Indy.  Kansas City is off to an impressive 3-0 start,
leading the AFC West.  Who would’ve thought this was going to happen at
the end of last year’s football season?  Matt Cassel needs some work,
but working with Charlie Weis is only going to make him better.  The
Chiefs have an awesome running back by committee with Jamaal Charles and
Thomas Jones.  Thomas Jones is an ageless man… With these two, Kansas
City is ranked 3rd overall in rushing for the league.  On the other side
of the ball defensive coordinator, Romeo Crennel is making great use of
Kansas City’s previous high defensive draft picks.  They sacked Alex
Smith five times last game against San Francisco. If you squint it reminds
you of the New England days, right?  Don’t forget about their special
teams which is equipped with two fast rookies in Dexter McCluster and
Javier Arenas. Kansas City go 4-0 after Sunday?
Now we have Indy who’s 3rd in the AFC South? Doesn’t look right
at all.  The offense looks like Indy… Passing attack looks efficient,
running game looks dull, shaky on defense, looks like normal Indy… pre
Dungy Indy.  Indy’s definitely losing their defensive intimidation to
offensive opponents.  They lose/lost Bob Sanders for the year, then his
back up got lost for the year, now Indy’s going to have to pick a Safety
off the street.  Look familiar? Like a certain Tampa Bay team some years

How Do The Packers Do It?

Injuries are piling up for Green Bay.  Nick Barnett may be out
for the year, they lost a safety for the year, their secondary is banged
up, they have no running back, but they’re still favorites to win the
division.  They missed the Marshawn Lynch trade, but Aaron Rodgers is not
worried about it.  Aaron Rodgers has the heart to lead the Packers to
the playoffs once again.  He played behind a shaky offensive line and
got sacked 50 times, he has heart.  I watched a Monday Night game when
he was cramping up in his legs, sucked it up and RUSHED for a TD. If
that’s not heart I don’t know what is.

Eagles vs. Niners

This game’s title should be, what’s next?  Kevin Kolb is back in
the starting line up with Vick nursing banged up ribs.  Is Kolb going to
take advantage of San Fran’s suspect secondary?  You’re a QB in the west
coast offense; toss the ball down field man.  I hope he’s built some
chemistry with Jackson and Maclin this week, because it should be easy
to throw on San Fran’s secondary.  If Kolb has a good game then it can
rebuild his demolished confidence. He’s saying all the right things for
the media, but his confidence is destroyed after losing his job in the
first game.  Will he have confidence sitting behind that shaky offensive
line with the likes of Patrick Willis and Manny Lawson coming after him?

Do the Niners go 0-4 after this game?  When does Singletary get
the blame? Is it the rookie lineman not getting the job done? Smith’s
been sacked 8 times so far and tossed too many Interceptions.  Turnovers
cause lost games fellas; keep the ball on the ground this game.  Philly
has a weak run defense and San Fran has a monster at running back in
Frank Gore. If that doesn’t work, let Alex Smith get pummeled by Trent
Cole so David Carr can come in and maybe resurrect his career for the…
third time?


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