Week 5: Who’s Safe? Who’s On The Hot Seat?

Who’s Safe?

  1. Jim Schwartz – When you win 44 – 6, you’re pretty safe.  Your defense is playing well, your offense looked good with the back-up QB, and your fans are committed.  There aren’t that many expectations this year in Detroit so anything he does well will be praised.  He has some nice talent on that team, with very good skill players at all the offensive positions.  He is a defensive coach so when your defensive minded team has good skill positions players, the future looks good.  Keep up the good work, Jim.
  2. Tom Coughlin – What a difference another week makes.  A couple weeks ago his job looked to be in jeopardy.  Now, his team is rolling.  Completely shut down a high powered Houston offense.  Hakeem Nicks is looking like a star and Eli is beginning to get in a groove.  If their team remains consistent on both sides of the ball, they may not have a problem winning the division.  All of the other teams have questions marks so the more Tom keeps winning, the more secure his job will be.  Especially in New York. If you’re not winning, you’re not employed.  Looks like Tiki Barber really lit a fire under the Giants bottoms…
  3. Tom Cable – He attacks assistant coaches, but his players…they love him.  Word in the locker room says that the team really responds well to him and respect him.  It’s always nice when you have the support of your players.  A win against the San Diego Super (or not) Chargers will also have you safe for a couple weeks.  If they beat the 49ers this weekend, he’ll be sitting pretty.  The team really responds to him and they have been playing tough every week.  Al Davis is content [at the moment].  Enjoy for now Tom!
  4. Mike Singletary – I am repeating this one because he’s only safe for the year.  He’s likely gone after this season.  Mike Florio at NBC Sports made a good suggestion in Rob Ryan for the head coaching gig next year because he kind of mirrors Ted York’s personality.  That’s jumping the gun, though.  Mike still has a year to make things right and impress.  Right now he’s safe but come week 17 he’ll definitely be on the hot seat.

Who’s on the Hot Seat?

  1. Wade Phillips – Their offense isn’t balanced.  It’s around a two to one pass ratio.  Which makes no sense.  They have three good running backs they can use and they refuse to play smash mouth football and wear down the defense.  Just doesn’t make sense.  The defense is also looking vulnerable.  Wade Phillips has held on to his job by a string since…forever.  He and Jason Garrett should thank God every day they wake up and still work for the organization.  If they lose to the Vikings though, they should start packing up their belongings.  Their record is unacceptable and so is their coaching.
  2. Brad Childress – They are 1-3.  With Brett Favre, Randy Moss, Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson playing on the offensive side of the ball.  Berrian is still there, Schiancoe too.  Rice will be back, but that’s not important right now.  There is no reason they should be 1-3.  Childress’ questionable two point conversion attempt was a dumb decision and it came back to bite the team in the butt when Favre threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown that put the Jets up 9 points after the extra point.  Had they just gone for one, they still could have had a chance.  Favre doesn’t really like Childress and the state of Minnesota probably does not either.  Who can blame them.   What’s going on in Minnesota is unacceptable for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.
  3. John Fox – Okay.  We know your team is bad, but at least put up a fight.  That is all.  You have two stud RB’s.  Just give them the ball and hope they score enough.  It’s not all John’s fault, and everybody knows he is gone after this year anyway.
  4. Marvin Lewis – What’s going on in Cincinatti?  Last year this team looked great.  This year, Palmer looks atrocious, Ochocinco hasn’t been heard from, Benson has been quiet, and their defense isn’t doing enough.  Something is going on in Cincy, and given that Lewis’ contract is up after this year, who knows if he’ll be there next year.

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