Week 6 What To Look For?

Nothing too big this week as far as what we can expect, however
there are two games which look intriguing. There are two playoff
rematches this weekend, one game with two one loss teams trying to
regain their glory and one game with two one game won teams who were
predicted to go to the NFC playoffs.

Baltimore vs. New England

Last these two met, Baltimore came to their house, ate their
food, stank the bathroom, didn’t spray, no thank you, and rolled out.
Baltimore beat New England 33-14 to advance in the playoffs.  Brady’s
three turnovers gave the Ravens 17 points in the first half.  We all
know turnovers loses games and when King Brady loses three in his
kingdom, you know he wants to regain his manhood against the team that
took it.  Can New England’s young defense handle Joe Flacco and the
offense?  New England’s D is ranked 20th overall in the league and
struggles terribly against the pass. Ravens acquired a workhouse of a
receiver in Anquan Boldin this offseason, so it’ll be interesting to see
who shows up for this rematch.  Baltimore’s D is top 10 and New England
just shipped one of the most intimidating receivers back to Minnesota,
to pick up Deion Branch. Last I remember of Deion Branch was him winning
MVP in the Super Bowl years ago.  Now that the deep threat is gone, I
see Baltimore keeping the box full, because New England’s game is to
pass short and pick up Y.A.C… Don’t see that happening in this game.

Dallas vs. Minnesota

Last these two met, the way Favre was playing he was really
going for that G.O.A.T. title, than another Super Bowl ring.  Favre
threw to Sidney Rice 3 TD’s and Minnesota’s defense sacked Tony Romo six
times.  Both teams were predicted to go to the Super Bowl as well, this
couldn’t be possible because they are two NFC teams, so we’ll say they
were supposed to meet somewhere in the playoffs again.  Both teams are
now 1-3 with two coaches on the hot seat because they are not leaving up
to the hype.  However these two teams did have flashes of those
predictions last week, but both came up short.  Romo threw for 406
yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions and Favre threw for 264
yards, three touchdowns and that one interception which gets him every
time.  Will Favre break his ironman streak and sit this one out if his
elbow tendinitis is still bothering him?  With him getting shots in his
ankle and elbow tendinitis, is it time for him to sit down for the
season?  He’s no spring chicken anymore; he’s 41 out there playing with
22 year olds.  Is the magic back?  Favre looked something like his old
self with Randy Moss out there with him.  Maybe a few games down the
line Minnesota gets the kick start to stride back into the playoffs.
Dallas? I’m not sure, I think Dallas moves on if they start running the
ball and realize Jason Garret is NOT the answer for them.  Wade Phillips
is doing a good job with the defense, although the defense can’t win it
all when the offense is struggling.


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