What We Learned from Week 7

My apologies for my week 6 hiatus. We’re back on track now so let’s get right to it…

5) The Zebras suck.
It seems like every week a game or three have been decided by a “controversial” penalty. After the Packers game Brad Childress said it was “the worst officiated game I’ve seen.” This week it’s the Miami Dolphins that have the biggest gripe. In my opinion the ref was in a no win situation. It was clear that Big Ben fumbled but there was no way to tell who actually recovered the football. That’s a tough spot to be in as an official. I blame the NFL. Many of the rules are too ambiguous and are left up to interpretation. Hopefully the competition committee makes some significant changes to the rules to prevent the referees from determining the outcome of the game. Side note: They really need to change that defensive holding call from being an automatic first down. That is such a cheap bailout for offenses.

4) All Clean Commish!
Last week the league was up in arms about “the big hit.” The NFL and Roger Goddell went into a state of martial law and decided they might start retroactively fining and suspending players for playing the game they have been playing it for as long as anybody can remember. Everybody out of the league office used the same vague language about what was considered an illegal hit, “violent and egregious” hits would now result in possible suspension. Many of the defensive players stated the obvious fact that football is a “violent and egregious” game. So yesterday all the attention was on the defenders. People wanted to see who would say to hell with the rule change and ultimately be made an example out of by the league. Surprisingly there were none, not even close. In fact the player with the most “egregious” hit last week, Brandon Merriweather, crushed Patrick Crayton and it was well within the newly mandated strike zone. I thought players would have a problem adjusting to the new rules but I guess that’s why they get played the big bucks.

3) Gift wrapped pics
The old saying used to be “DBs are wide receivers that can’t catch.” That myth was debunked yesterday. Defensive backs in the NFL were catching the ball every time they had the chance, which was a lot. There were 29 interceptions thrown between the 28 QBs that attempted at least 2 passes yesterday, 9 ints were returned for touchdowns. Those are just the tangible stats. Surely there were a few more sure pics that were dropped or onesthat were returned inside the redzone resulting in points. Steve Young said that subpar quarterback play was the reason receivers were getting blown up last week. After seeing how often the quarterbacks threw to the opposing jersey yesterday, I think he has a valid point.

2) Hold on to that Chargers stock
You might want to wait on selling stock in the San Diego Chargers. Sure they lost yesterday and its looks bad on the surface but lets take a step back and examine the situation as a whole. The Chargers issues aren’t anything related to X’s and O’s, they just continue to have brain farts in critical situations. That is easily correctable. Phillip Rivers has proven to be an elite quarterback in the league. Yesterday he took a bunch of guys off the street and gave New England all they could handle. The defense managed to keep the game from getting out of control after 4 first half turnovers. Malcolm Floyd and Legedu Naanee should be back from hamstring injuries soon and Vincent Jackson should be returning to the team. Add to that the Chargers are normally late bloomers and I fully expect them to be in the thick of things during the late season playoff push. Their only downfall might be Kansas City putting the division out of reach. The Chiefs should be favored in at least 8 of their last 10 games.

1) Chilly and Favre: The soap opera
The honeymoon is over in Minnesota. It’s starting to look like that relationship that you tried to work out one too many times. After Favre’s 3 INT performance in Lambeau, Brad Childress threw his quarterback all the way under the bus during the post game press conference. He also said he was close to pulling Favre after his third interception, which I don’t believe. Brad Childress has nobody to blame but himself. By allowing Favre to skip training camp, picking him up from the airport, constantly talking about how much they needed Favre to the media, etc; he continuously enabled Favre by making him seem bigger than the team. It’s pretty obvious who’s the hot chick and who’s the sucker in this relationship. The season is just reaching the halfway point and this issue doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Those two better kiss and make up quick if the Vikings want to turn this ship around, pun intended.


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