Week 7 – (3 UP and 3 DOWN)

3 up

1) Raheem Morris – As the 2nd year Head Coach of the very much rebuilding Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has gone on the record as saying his 4 – 2 team is the best team in the NFC. Personally I like the move by the confidant coach. If his team lives up to expectations, he’s a genius. If his team falls off, he was simply a young coach out to motivate his young team. He has arguably the best young QB in the league in Josh Freeman, who right now is helping to have Morris look more psychic than psycho.

2) New York Giants – After beating the Cowboys in just about every facet of the game, the New York football Giants now sit atop the NFC East. Many had them finishing last place in what many still call the hardest division in football. They beat the pre-season NFC East champions with a subpar game from QB Eli Manning. Young talents WR Hakeem Nicks and RB Ahmad Bradshaw look like they will  be star starters at their respective positions for years to come. This pass rush also has injured an opposing QB for the 5th straight week. With them having a bye next week also puts every starting QB in the league on the “Up” list, since they don’t have to face these guys coming off the edge.

3) A-Rods legacy – Finally, student beats sensai. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers did not have success last year when playing the man he took the reigns from, Vikings QB Brett Favre. Last Sunday, however, Aaron Rodgers got the upper-hand in what might be their last showdown in Titletown. A-Rod threw for almost 300 yards and was not sacked once. Favre at many times looked like a guy who was on the tail end, of the tail end of his career. Even though Rodgers has shown he is an elite QB these past 2 seasons, the fact that he was not able to defeat Favre still loomed over him somewhat. Rodgers was able to throw all over the field, and Favre at the end just gets thrown under the bus.

3 Down

1) Goodells’ London bridge is falling down –For the 2nd year in a row, the NFL is playing a regular season game in London, England. This years game pits the San Francisco 49ers against the Denver Broncos. 49ers this week, gave the Carolina Panthers their 1st win of the season. The Broncos were manhandled by the Oakland Raiders. The outcomes of last Sundays games can not be creating an exciting atmosphere for the London fans who have tickets for the upcoming game. Although Denver does have the ability to put up big offensive numbers, last Sundays performance makes me assume this match-up will be the cause Goodells’ International plans to take a hit.

2) Instant Replay –An option put in place to help save games, has actually been the cause of many losing them. The refs are making so many bad and questionable calls, that coaches are having to use their challenges on ball spot calls or out of bounds, instead of touchdowns. The rules of instant replay also limit the refs from only looking at the play, and mostly looking at the factors of a whistle being blown or something. The refs need to tighten up on their initial calls and coaches need to tighten up on their challenges if we want instant replay to be a successful part of the game of football.

3) Buffalo Bills – Looking at the stat line of these Bills against the Ravens on Sunday, you would actually think to put them in the “Up” category. Then you take a look at the record and see they are the last win-less team in the NFL this season. There are no morale victories in the NFL, so this loss is as good as a blowout. The Bills also aren’t getting many individual big plays from 1st round pick CJ Spiller. They drafted him to provide big plays in at least 1 of 3 categories (Rushing, Receiving, Kick Returning), and he provided a spark in neither. These Bills will need to get some tally’s in the win column or this will be an even colder winter up north.


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