Week 7- Who’s safe? Who’s on the Hot Seat?

Who’s Safe?

  1. Tom Cable – His team just beat the Denver Broncos 59-14.  His team just shut down Kyle Orton.  His team is 3-4 and in second place in the AFC West.  Darren McFadden is playing like everybody wanted him to play when he was drafted out of Arkansas.  Jason Campbell is actually playing like a serviceable quarterback.  Things are looking up in Oakland.  The defense really wasn’t the problem.  They’re in the middle of the pack defensively.  But you wouldn’t gess they’re 5th in the league in points and are averaging more than they give up.  Tom Cable apparently has always had the support of his team.  Now they’re playing like it.
  2. Mike McCarthy – This team now has 10 players on injured reserve.  5 of them were starters.  It includes two of their starting linebackers and their best one is in and out of the line-up with hamstring problems.  They have no running game at all.  Yet this team has found a way to stay in all of their games and should probably be 6-1.  They’ve been getting by with a makeshift secondary and have been inserting players in the line-up consistently.  Still, they’re in first place with a team that’s headed in the wrong direction, Chicago.  Detroit still has a way to go and who knows what’s going to happen with the Vikings.  Even with all the excuses that the Packers could make, they still have a very good chance to win their division.
  3. Raheem Morris – His team is in second place right now, ahead of the defending champion New Orleans Saints.  They’re in a slump right now.  The Falcons are a very good team, but find a way to keep games too close for some reason.  If the Bucs can continue to quietly surprise the league and keep winning games, they could do the unthinkable and sneak into the playoffs.  It probably won’t happen, but even the thought of their chances this late in the season is a good thing for Morris.  Plus, his team is winning the games they’re supposed to win.  They’re losses haven’t looked good but they’re a young team.  Things are looking good right now for the Bucs.
  4. Pete Carroll – The Seahawks are 4-2 right now in a division where many expected 6-10 or 7-9 to win the division.  People are jumping on the bandwagon for them to win the division because most think they will not lose up there at home in Seattle.  The offense there is very underwhelming, but they are finding a way to put up enough points to win games.  They give up the 5th least points in the league and are second against the run.  If they can win 6 or 7 at home and then win half on the road, they’ll likely win the division.

Who’s on the Hot Seat?

  1. Wade Phillips – Nothing even needs to be said here.  He has held the job this long because he is also their defensive coordinator.  If he isn’t let go after the end of this season, then pigs will begin to fly. And hell will freeze over.
  2. Jack Del Rio – Just when there was hope, his team got blown out 30-3.  He is down to his third quarterback and his first two were nothing to gameplan for.  Their defense is awful.  They consistently draft busts and then are forced to sit them, as they have most recently done with Derrick Harvey.  The entire franchise needs a face lift.  Maybe a new location like….Los Angeles…will do them good.  But a bad team in a bad market just won’t cut it.  Jack Del Rio is a helping cause for the former.
  3. Josh McDaniel – That 6-0 start seems so long ago huh.  They’ve gotten rid of some of their best players because of petty reasons.  That was okay when they were winning games.  Now, they’ve drafted a quarterback who may not be a quarterback.  They failed to draft a WR who has already made his mark on the league.  In fact, that WR not to be named scored three touchdowns on national television this week.  McDaniel’s playcalling didn’t help them in their blowout loss last week.  The thing he was best known for isn’t even saving him right now.  Not looking good in Denver.
  4. Brad Childress – He is consistently in this section because he deserves to be.  There are many people who think he shouldn’t be a head coach.  He was best as an offensive coordinator and maybe if he just had that role, then he’d be better at it because right now his decision making there isn’t that good either.  They’re not being aggressive enough when they need to be.  They’re not being balanced enough when they need to be.  He has failed to use his red flag in key situations.  Plus, his beard situation is always bad.  He should be kicked to the curb this winter and they should promote that defensive coordinator of theirs who keeps getting that affirmative action interview for head coaching positions.  Let him get a chance where he is since there will be a vacancy.  Plus, he’ll be affordable.

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