What to Look For In Week 8?

Can Troy Smith revive the 49ers?

Besides the fact, I’m a Michigan Wolverines fan; I’m still a
Troy Smith fan.  He never got a chance to prove himself in the shaky QB
situation with Kyle Boller pleading for his 3rd and 4th chances.  So he
never got to prove himself in Baltimore, now he’s in London playing for
San Fran against a weak Denver’s defense.  I do believe he’s better than
David Carr, so I think going to Troy Smith does give San Fran the better
offensive tool to win.

Will The Real Team Please Stand Up?

This week’s segments of “Will the Real Team…” involves San
Diego and Tennessee.  San Diego’s 1st overall in offense and defense but
still are 2-5.  It’s safe to say San Diego and Dallas are one in the
same team but in different divisions, teams, etc.  They both have tyrant
general managers, soft head coaches, and a team too good for their own
good.  Tennessee, who was a run first team, found a receiving threat in
Kenny Britt.  Britt has scored in consecutive games back to back since
week 3.  Tennessee also has a bad rep as being a dirty defensive team,
with all these new rules in the NFL, maybe Tennessee’s the only team
still playing real football and everyone else is going soft.

Matchup of the week: Green Bay vs. New York Jets

We may have a bit of a shootout here.  Aaron Rodgers taking the
helm as the next big QB since #4 in Lambeau fears no defense, especially
a defense with Darrelle Revis who’s been “injured” with a hamstring
issue. Reports state Revis is 100% after the bye, but will he complain
about his hammy if Greg Jennings breaks loose and scores on him?  The
Jets are one of the best teams in football, don’t get me wrong, but it
looks like the same old story. Player holds out, finally gets paid, and
then starts to soften up.  Green Bay is banged up on defense, but looked
impressive bottling up Minnesota’s, I expect the Pack to not be blown
out by New York, but I do have New York coming out on top.


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