What to Look for in Week 9…

Moss in Tennessee

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner of the Randy Moss
sweepstakes and it is the Tennessee Titans! *cues applause* my first
thought when seeing this, “A lot of teams passed on him.” No one wants
the headache of pleasing Randy and no other coach will put him in his
place quite like Jeff Fisher.  Jeff Fisher’s the man. He’s the longest
tenured coach in the NFL today. Acquiring Moss on a bye week was another
well played move, that gives them more time for Randy to get “his” plays
practiced and it spreads defenses giving Chris Johnson plenty yards to
gain on the ground.  Good pick up by Tennessee.

Josh Freeman

Is Josh Freeman at the helm of the best team in the NFC?  We’ll
get a good look at Freeman’s play when he goes into a divisional match-up
with the first place Atlanta Falcons.  Ever since his bye week he’s
passed for over 200 yards and has been 4 Touchdowns to 1 Interception.
With LaGarrette Blount and Mike Williams emerging it’s getting easier
and easier for Freeman to hold that ‘best team in NFC’ swagger.

San Diego

Was the win last week over Tennessee for real? Is this the real
San Diego Chargers? Is this when they start their ‘late year run?’ This
week they play Houston with their 32nd ranked pass defense.  San Diego
needs to focus on running the ball, there’s no reason to ship off LT
(who’s going to send A.J. Smith a postcard when he’s in the playoffs and
SD isn’t) and trade up to acquire a running back when they don’t give
him the ball more than 10 times a game.  Something tells me when San
Diego doesn’t make it to the playoffs they’ll be spared because of the
“injury bug.” Vincent Jackson may be spared but that depends on his
performance when he gets on the field.

Vick’s Return

Did you learn this time around bro? Remember in 03 when you were
on the Madden cover and you broke your leg because you didn’t want to
slide? I think he gets it now.  He’s more mature now and has a better
coach so I see Philly and Vick picking up where they left off.  Philly’s
offense will look a lot like it did when they destroyed Detroit
offensively.  They play Indy who isn’t known for its defensive power,
but for its lack of a safety.  Philly happens to have two fast receivers
who can stretch the field and a guaranteed tight end in Brent Celek.
With Vick back in the mix and healthy, The Giants have some healthy
competition for the NFC East title.


When will this soap opera be over?  Honestly, I wonder who’s
going to get fired first between Childress, Phillips, and Favre.

Detroit Lions

Detroit is a good team despite their record.  They lack
confidence in themselves and whenever a mistake happens on the field,
they drop their head and think, “here goes another loss.” That happened
in three quarters last week, until Stafford opened the field with 4
touchdowns and one interception to a Washington Redskins defense that
had 4 interceptions last week.  Stafford looks a lot like the first
overall pick we all imagined he’d be.  They have a challenge in front of
them this week with the Jets, but I think Stafford can pull the win off.
There’s something about coming off a big shoulder injury and tossing up
400+ and 4 touchdowns in your first game back that gets me thinking he
can pull it off.


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