What To Watch For in Week 10

Same Old Lions?

Are they the same old Lions?  They’ve put up a fight in all of
their games except a divisional match up against Minnesota, but every
team has their bad game right?  They’ve played close in all of their
losses and are .500 without their franchise QB, Matt Stafford… who’s
facing another season ending injury.  Do they turn into the old Lions or
do they take the close losses to heart and use that to propel them into
the win column?  They have a sick defensive line with Suh leading the
pack.  I got them winning against Buffalo, because they have a
reputation to protect now.  They won’t lose without a fight now.

The Soap Opera: Minnesota & Dallas

I’m probably going to end up writing about them every week, so
this may end up being a recurring entry.  Wade Phillips finally got the
pink slip, now we wait for Brad Childress’ which I’m sure is not far
behind.  The Arizona win at home definitely saved him for another week.
Players spoke with the media this week about their dislike and lack of
trust for Childress.  Chilly has to be stressed out and a meltdown is
due to come if he isn’t fired first.  Jason Garrett has the keys to car
now, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be driving it to the winning side of
the road.  Replacing Wade Phillips with Jason Garrett won’t change the
lack of offense Dallas has shown so far.  Garrett didn’t even want the
job at first; he had to be “coaxed” into doing it.  Last week I said who
would be the first to go between Favre, Chilly, and Phillips.  This week
I’m replacing Phillips with Jones, as in Jerry Jones.  If Garrett fails
then eyes will be on you Jerry….

Tennessee vs. Miami

This should be an interesting match up.  Randy Moss goes to his
third team this year, which surprisingly is a really good fit for him.
Chad Henne gets benched for his mentor Chad Pennington.  Al Harris gets
picked up by Miami.  Miami’s seen Moss previous years so that should be
no different, but they haven’t seen Moss with CJ2K and Vince Young in
the backfield.  That sounds like an athletic trio which will give
defensive coordinators headaches.  Chad Henne’s interceptions caught up
with him and got him holding the clipboard this Sunday.  He should stay
warmed up though, because we all know how loose Pennington’s shoulder
can be and Tennessee’s defense was known earlier this year as a “dirty

MNF: Washington vs. Philadelphia

When these two get together on a Monday night it’s always a
great game.  Add the awesome storyline behind it and it has potential to
be the game of the year.  We all know the Michael Vick redemption story,
the McNabb shipped off to Washington story, the Vick beats Kevin Kolb
for starting QB story, but there’s a new story this time around.
Remember, Washington injured Vick on his comeback season when they first
met.  Vick now becoming a ‘pass first, run second’ quarterback is what
Andy Reid knows how to work with and he just knocked off 5 years of age
in his offense.  McNabb was Vick back in the day, now Vick’s getting the
shine in the green uniform.  I got Philly taking it to Washington,
Monday night in Landover.


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