What We Learned from Week 10…

5) Buffalo gets one!

They say the first victory is the hardest to get and the Bills know because it took ten weeks. It is fitting that they beat the Lions, the only team to ever go 0-16 in a season. I never thought they were going to repeat the Lions 0-16 milestone because they have some bright spots but things were looking shaky. Buffalo is a scrappy team playing decent football. They have been in many of their games but you can tell they don’t know how to win yet. They almost gave the game away yesterday. If not for a failed two point attempt we might be having a different discussion.

4) San Francisco…Contenders???

A few weeks back when the 49ers were still talking playoffs everyone, including me, laughed at the thought but obviously we forgot how bad the NFC west truly is. The Troy Smith story is playing out like a real life Willie Beamen. If he can continue to play lights out, the 49ers could make some serious noise. At 3-6 the 49ers are right in the thick of things in that division with 4 division games left.  It’s not totally farfetched that the Niners could make the playoffs, what is mind-boggling is they might do it at 7-9
troy smith

3) Giant Fraud

I know most people are going to try and work the “Jason Garrett is the changed that was needed in Dallas” angle. Not me. Maybe the Cowboys did need the slight kick in the butt that Garrett seemed to provide but let’s be real…the Giants aren’t that good.
In fact the last time the two teams played the Cowboys were handling the Giants rather easily until Romo left the game with an injury and even then the Cowboys only lost by 6 points. Before yesterday’s game many “experts” had the Giants in the top 3 of the power rankings but I feel that was the result of a weak schedule and the New York media hype machine. They have Philly and Washington twice, Jacksonville at home, and road games against Minnesota and Green Bay remaining on the schedule. I see the Giants finishing at 8-8 or 9-7.

2) What are the Jets?

The Jets pulled out another close victory against a team they were supposed to handle fairly easily. It took five quarters for the Jets to finally get the W in Cleveland. If Chansi Stuckey doesn’t fumble we might be talking about how the good the Browns are (side note: Colt McCoy is going to be pretty good). These too close for comfort games against bottom third teams, albeit on the road, have me wondering about the makeup of the Jets. Are they playing down to their opponent or winning in the clutch? Which is the more telling of the character of their team? Is this a result of that New York cockiness and sense of entitlement they displayed on Hard Knocks? I think the New York hype machine is about to start up that Jets Super Bowl push talk again and it will prove to be premature.

1) Childress needs to be fired today

Technically we didn’t “learn” this yesterday but the rationale behind why it may be the right move was on display yesterday. Last week before the Packers and Cowboys played, Jerry Jones said Wade Phillips job was safe. Cowboys got blown out on national TV and Wade Phillips had to pack his bags. Yesterday the Cowboys looked like the team they were supposed to be. Coincidence? Who knows. I do know that this is a copy cat league. I know Ziggy Wilf came out and said he won’t fire Brad Childress but that was before the Cowboys crushed the Giants. It is no secret that the players don’t like Childress and maybe if Wilf cuts his losses the Vikings might play with that proverbial shot in the arm. They still have the talent to play with anybody remaining on their schedule and with 3 division games remaining maybe they can turn this ship around but they better throw the captain overboard quick.
fire chilly


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