Week 11: Who’s Safe? Any Burning Seats?

Who’s Safe?

  1. Josh McDaniels – If only for a week.  His team went up against a strong Kansas City Chiefs team and absolutely destroyed them  It was 21-0 before the Chiefs knew what hit them.  Tim Tebow is playing in packages that he used at Florida, which can only help as they continue the Tebow project up there in Colorado.  The feel good story of Brandon Lloyd coming back to life after many years of mediocrity is continuing.   He continues to lead the league in receiving yards and having possibly the best year of his career.  Orton is out of his slump and playing well again.  While McDaniels could yet again end up on the hot seat come next week, he has something to build on with a strong win against a divisional opponent.
  2. David Garrard – Normally this article is reserved for coaches.  But this guy could save his coach if they scratch at the playoffs.   David Garrard was thrown under the bus several times early this season.  He deserved it.  He was playing extremely horribly.  If they had a competent back-up, there’s a possibility he’d be on the bench right now.  However, they don’t.  So the offense was again handed to Garrard and all he has done is have the second best QB rating at this point in the season behind Michael Vick.  That’s better than the Mannings, Brady, Matt Ryan, Brees, and the list goes on.  Although it’s not the strongest determinative factor of a great QB, it does show if they’re playing well.  He’s also third in pass completion percentage.  He’s playing well right now.  It’s like he prayed and was given a hail mary….wait….
  3. Eric Mangini – This could be completely inaccurate.  His boss is itching to coach football again so he may be on the hot seat no matter how well he ends up doing this season.  He also made a huge mistake last week when he decided to throw on the last drive instead of running the ball three straight downs and playing for the tie.  His team really had no chance to win the game at that point so he should have played for the tie instead of putting his team at risk.  It ended up backfiring on him.  With that said, his team is playing hard.  He and his boss have also found the quarterback of the future in Cleveland and have some good pieces to surround him with.  Because of injuries to their starting RB, they found out that Peyton Hillis is an absolute MAN among boys.  Once he fixes his fumbling problem he will be a problem himself.  He’s an extremely tough runner on first and second down, and you can leave him in if you want on third down because he is an exception pass catcher at RB.  They have three young, talented WR’s with potential.  Their O-Coordinator is a Belichick disciple.  So is Rob Ryan on D.  So is Mangini.  Mangini has the pieces in place to have a really good team.  Let’s hope he gets to see this one play out.  The roof is high.
  4. Andy Reid – As if he wasn’t safe already.  Reid – and McNabb of all people – convinced Jeffrey Lurie to sign Mike Vick to a two year contract and give him a chance to redeem not only his career, but his life.  Man has their gamble paid off in Philadelphia.  Vick has the best QB rating in the league.  He has no interceptions at all this season.  In fact, he doesn’t have any interceptions as an Eagle.  He has a laser arm.  He finally has a true QB mentality.  This was the best place for him to land.  And he knows that.  That’s why he’s willing to give the Eagles a discount when it comes time to talk contract this offseason.  This was a great marriage and Andy Reid deserves a lot of credit for taking a chance on a guy who many people gave up on because of a mistake he made.  Andy Reid dealt with similar issues as a result of both of his sons getting in trouble so he knew exactly how to handle the situation.  If he learns how to handle the late game situations on the field, this team has a chance to go to the Super Bowl this year.  They have all the pieces.  They just need to make it work.

Who’s on the Hot Seat?

  1. Wade Phillips – Well, actually now he’s chilling out on his La-Z-Boy.  Getting paid while doing it too.  Wait a minute.  How can we at skyboxtalk get this deal?
  2. Brad Childress – He will never leave this end of the list.  He gives a new reason each week to justify being placed in this section.  His play-calling is horrid.  He throws all of his players under the bus.  He has an injured QB and one of the top two RB’s in the league and continues to allow his QB to put himself in a position to be target practice.  Brett Favre is older than old but still thinks his body is 24.  His coach knows this and allows him to get torn apart.  The Vikings are going to lose out on a coach already on their staff because they won’t fire one that deserves to be in a La-Z-Boy more than Wade.  27th in points. 18th in passing yards. 10th in rushing yards.  They have too much talent to have those statistics and their record.  Maybe a change at coach will light a fire under them.
  3. Gary Kubiak – Every time you think the Houston Texans are turning the corner, they go on a three game losing streak or something.  Another team with a lot of talent.  Well, at least on the offensive end.  That defense is going to keep the Texans out of the playoffs though.  Just like Childress in Minnesota, sometimes you just need a change of scenery.  When the coach goes, then you know that nobody is safe.  People play harder.  Ask the roster in Dallas.  He’ll probably make it to the end of the season, but Gary Kubiak may not be on the sidelines for Houston this time next year.  Too many times his Houston team has underachieved.  He could be great in a different situation but sometimes things run their course.  They need a divorced down there.  Houston has arguably the best WR in the league.  They have arguably the best new RB in the league.  They have a very good QB.  They have a nice complement of WR’s.  Score enough so that you don’t have to worry about the defense.  They haven’t.  They give up Hail Mary passes.
  4. John Fox – Another coach that needs a change of scenery.  He got rid of Delhomme because he thought his back up was ready.  He wasn’t.  Neither were any other quarterbacks on that roster.  Their startign RB is now out for the season.  They have former QB’s at WR.  It’s a mess down there.  He needs to get out of there as soon as possible.  Maybe that’s what he has been trying to do but they just won’t fire him….

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