What We Learned From Week 11…

5) The Bungals are back!
I would like to welcome back the Cincinatti Bungals. They had some time off early in the decade but they are back in full force. Leading 31-14 at halftime the Bungals were outscored 35-0 and embarassed at home. Terrell Owens had a very introspective and honest rant during his presser after the game. The gist of it was The Bengals stink…the end! There going to be changes a plenty in naptown with Palmer and Marvin Lewis being the first to go.


4) Bucs need to get respect
I, like most of you, have doubted the Buccaneers all year. At this point in the season you have to give credit where credit is due. Bill Parcells famouslý said “you are what your record says you are,” and the Bucs are 7-3. They have a young stud at QB in Josh Freeman and Raheem Morris has to be leading canidate for Coach of the year. Morris has the Bucs playing with supreme confidence and that is half of the battle in football. They are going to need all that confidence in the coming weeks with games against Baltimore, and Atlanta.


3) Houston we have a problem
I could decide whether to do this topic as another late Jets win or another late Texans loss but then I looked at the final drive again. This was clearly a Texans loss and I place all the blame on the coaching. With 40 some odds seconds to go in the game the Texans let the Jets go down the field and win the game. Game winning drives happen all the time in the NFL but not like this. Why the corner was playing inside leverage on Braylon Edwards with so little time left is unfathomable to me. Why the corner appeared to have flat responsibility which meant the Texans were in cover 2 is unfathomable to me. This secondary is horrible but mistakes like that are the results of poor coaching. As far as the Jets go these close wins build character but they better not think they can sleep with lady luck when the playoffs come around.

2) As the Vikings Turn or even better All My Childress
Once again the Green Bay Packers played the role of putting a dying team out of its misery. The Packers squashed the Cowboys season a few weeks back and they slammed the door on the Vikings yesterday with a 31-3 whooping in Minnesota. The real story is what will happen now because if you remember after the Packers punished the Cowboys, Wade Phillips was fired. Its clear that somebodys head will roll in Minnesota but the question is who? Will Ziggy Wilf side with Favre or Childress? Do you bench Favre, ending the streak and publicly spit on NFL royalty? Or do you fire Childress and possibly give that team a shot in the arm like the Cowboys seem to have gotten? This is the drama that is the NFL Monday thru Saturday, get yo popcorn ready.

1) Manning Boys stink up the joint
The NFL treats Brady vs Manning like Ali vs Fraiser and rightfully so. It seems like every time these two go head to head its an instant classic. Yesterday Peyton played like Sonny Liston. The Patriots didn’t record a sack but they definitely let Peyton know they were there. Pushing Peyton around resulted in three horribly thrown interceptions that was ultimately the difference in the game. Later that evening baby brother Eli had to face the hottest player in the league in Michael Vick (MVP anyone?). The Giants defense helped Eli save face in the first half but eventually his fourth turnover buried them. If you are keeping score that’s seven extra possessions the Manning boys gave the other team, not a recipe for success. It didn’t stop there, even poppa Archie had a tough day as Drew Brees passed him for most completions in Saints history. It was a bad day to be a Manning.

BONUS: Yesterday we learned that Richard Seymour has a mean right hand. He dropped Big Ben with ease. The funniest part was Ben just lying on the ground like a coward. He looked like a man that takes advantage of drunken college chicks. O_O


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