K.T.’s Mock Draft

1.Carolina Panthers – AJ Green. This option at first only seemed likely if they are able to trade down some spots. Now I see this pick instantly makes the whole offense better, no matter who is throwing the ball. The threat of losing Steve Smith, only pushes the WR position to a high priority.  Having no 2nd round pick makes the Panthers take a long look at Cam Newton, simply because the WR and DL positions are deep in this draft, but they take a safe 10+ year starter. Jimmy Clausen gets one more chance.

2. Denver Broncos – Marcell Dareus. People want to give Von Miller or Patrick Peterson here, but John Fox gets production out of serviceable DBS, and likes to sure up the front 7. With Elvis Dumerviel back, they get the pass rush of the edge back, now they need pressure from up the middle. Dareus helps give them this.

3. Buffalo Bills – Cam Newton. The Bills benefit from the Panthers wanting to take a safer route. They grab Netwon and allow him to sit and learn under Fitzpatrick and Chan Gailey. Coach Gailey’s success with mobile, athletic QBs along with the pressure to not start right away also help Cam in his progression into a NFL QB.

4. Cincinatti Bengals – Blaine Gabbert. People seem to forget, without Carson Palmer, the Bengals have 1 of the worst QB roster situations. Neither Jordan Palmer or Dan LeFlevor are looked at in the organization as becoming starters. The Bengals also are able to either wait out Palmers retirement threats, or trade him when the price is right.

5. Arizona Cardinals – Von Miller. The Cards luck out and get the pass rusher they were seeking. They didn’t want Gabbert to fall here because they actually like to try to develop John Skelton, so no matter what they were bringing in a vet.

6. Cleveland Browns – TRADE ALERT. I think Holmgrem’s relationships in the league help get a trade completed here. Most likely to a team willing to jump up and grab Peterson. If no trade they take WR Julio Jones.  Even in a draft deep with WR talent, Jones is the only other 1 considered to reach elite and a #1 from the start of training camp, if there is 1.

7. San Francisco 49ers – Patrick Peterson. The Niners are fortunate and have a player rated as the #1 overall talent fall to them at #7. Although the Niners would have been happy to grab Amukamara if Peterson was gone, they now get an elite talent who helps out a secondary that was burned often. Clements now has the choice to take a paycut and play on the corner, or take a pay cut and attempt to elongate his career by moving to safety.

8. Tennessee Titans – Jake Locker. The Titans are enamoured with Locker and his intangibles. That’s probably the main reason they take him. The organization has been trying to clean up the players with character flaws, which is the only reason Mallet does not go here, even though they would prefer his skill set here. They would love to trade down and get him, but staying put I say they still pull the trigger

9. Dallas Cowboys – Tyron Smith. A physical beast, somethin coveted by the Cowboys brass. They use this athletic Tackle at right tackle initially and work him over to the left side.

10. Washington Redskins – Ryan Mallet. They would love to trade, but don’t get any takers as there are no real prospects teams would love to trade up for. Shanahan seems to get this rep of only loving mobile QBs, but that’s not the case. Mike Shananhan loves strong armed QBs, and so does his son. His son did garner success with immobile Matt Schaub running his offense. The Redskins get the best pure passer, and begin to build around him.

11. Houston Texans – Robert Quinn. New defensive coordinator Wade Phillips get his Demarcus Ware type player to bolster this defense. Defensive back will be considered here, but the pass rush seems to be more of a concern for them at this spot.

12. Minnesota Vikings – Cameron Jordan. The Vikings replace FA DE Ray Edwards with a talented workhorse in Cam Jordan. They also see that with the run on QBs there will be less battling against them for Andy Dalton or Christian Ponder in round 2.

13. Detroit Lions – Prince Amukamara . The Lions get an the #2 corner to help live up to the expectations already set on the Lions by their owner, to compete for the NFC North title. There is no way they compete if they don’t have somoene to at least try to stop Aaron Rodgers and Jake Cutler from throwing for 300+ yards a game on them.

14. St. Louis Rams. Corey Luigit. This Defensive tackle shores up the middle of the Rams line. Him taking up space, and maybe even doulble teams, helps free up Chris long and the Rams LBs to make plays in the backfield.

15. Miami Dolphins. Mike Pouncey. The dolphins want to shore up their interior line, and they get the best interior lineman.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars – Ryan Kerrigan

17. New England Patriots – Aldon Smith. The Pats get an athletic end to generate pass rush.

18. San Diego Chargers –  JJ Watt. The chargers love his motor and get pass rush off the edge.

19. NY Giants – Anthony Constanza. The Giants bolster their o-line

20. Tampa Bay Bucs – DaQuan Bowers. The Bucs are able to take a risk on this pass rusher.

21. Kansas City Chiefs – Gabe Carimi – The chiefs beef up their o-line.

22. Indy Colts – Nate solder. The Colts won’t be worried about a potential replacement, they’ll be worried about keeping their current franchise player upright.

23. Philadelphia Eagles – jimmy Smith. I agree with taking this guy on his talent. CB is a huge need for Philly, and maybe Mike Vick can help talk to the kid and keep him out of some trouble.

24. New Orleans Saints – Adrian Clayborn. I think they look at Mark Ingram here, but they still get a steal in Clayborn, a top 10 talent who has dropped due to medical reasons. Only thing with his medicals are they doctors say it SHOULD have been affecting him, but has not seemed like an issue if u check his production.

25. Seattle Seahawks – Gabe Carmimi. Its not the sexiest pick, but the Seahawks do still need to do work on their  O-line.

26. Baltimore Ravens – Aaron Williams. A big physical corner who will be able to play the press coverage that Josh Wilson got beat on repeatedly.

27. Atlanta Falcons – Torrey Smith. A burner totake safety help off Roddy White.

28. New England Pats – Mark Imgram. The Pats grab the former Hiesman Trophy winner and get a solid starting RB.

29. Chicago Bears – Marvin Austin. I hear they love this guy’s upside. I see it as a reach here.

30. New York Jets – Phil Taylor. The Jets get a replacement clogging up the middle.

31. Pitt Steelers – Brandon Harris – the Steelers will be looking to add the highest rated corner here. That leave Harris.

32. GB Packers – Akeem Ayers. The Packers stockpile LBs jus like they stockpile WRs.


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