N. Gray’s Mock Draft

1. Carolina – Cam Newton  (The Panthers need a face of the franchise.  And a QB.)
2.Denver – Marcell Dareus (Denver’s defense is atrocious.  They need him.
3. Buffalo – Von Miller (This guy can be really good and they really need help on defense.  Fitzpatrick will suffice for now)
4. Cincinnati – AJ Green (With T.O. and Ochocinco likely gone, this should be the pick)
5. Arizona – Patrick Peterson (With A.J. Green gone, they can pair him with DRC to create a nice tandem)
6. Cleveland – Julio Jones (Colt needs a real McCoy to throw to)
7. San Francisco – Prince Amukarama (They need CB help badly.  Clements is not what they thought he was)
8. Tennesee – Blaine Gabbert (They are excited that he falls into their lap.  Kerry is old)
9. Dallas – Mark Ingram (Surprise pick but Marion Barber can’t stay healthy, CB’s are gone and they don’t select OT’s high)
10. Washington – Robert Quinn (Imagine the damage he and Brian Orakpo can do)
11. Houston – Nick Fairley (They have a hole here)
12. Minnesota – Jake Locker (They won’t hesitate to select him)
13. Detroit – Tyron Smith (They need OT help)
14. St. Louis – Corey Liuget (They are excited that he falls into his lap since no WR’s made it this far down)
15. Miami – Ryan Mallet (People are in love with him, and maybe Miami will be too.  Unless he is a bust)
16. Jacksonville – Ryan Kerrigan (Kaampman clone. And Kaampman can’t stay healthy)
17. New England – Akeem Ayers (Versatile guy who just makes plays.  NE will love him)
18. San Diego – Cameron Jordan (They are looking for an upgrade on the defensive line)
19. New York Giants – Anthony Castonzo (Can step in day one if need be.  On either side)
20. Tampa Bay – Da’Quan Bowers (Tampa stops his slide)
21. Kansas City – Phil Taylor (They haven’t had much luck with high draft picks on the D line lately.  One more try?)
22. Indianapolis – Nate Solder (They always go for something on the offensive line)
23. Philadelphia – Gabe Carimi (Need offensive line help)
24. New Orleans – Muhammad Wilkerson (Need help in the front 7)
25. Seattle – Andy Dalton (He may be a perfect fit in their offense)
26. Oakland via Baltimore – Jimmy Smith (We all know how Oakland rolls.  Flash over substance)
27. Washington via Atlanta – Christian Ponder (Skins don’t want to risk him being unavailable with all the others gone)
28. Pittsburgh via New England – Mike Pouncey (They want to pair the brother’s together since he has fallen down this far)
29. Chicago – J.J. Watt (Offensive line could be a better choice)
30. New York Jets – Aldon Smith (Front 7 help, especially with Jenkins and Gholston gone)
31. New England via Pittsburgh – Derrick Sherrod (Need some young guys in there, even if they don’t start immediately)
32. Houston via Green Bay – Brandon Harris (Houston is nervous now that three are off the board.  Couldn’t go with Smith since he is a Codeine fiend and Houston is the capitol of it)


About N. Gray

A law student at a highly respected law school. Doing what I have to do to get where I want to go. This blog is simply going to track my progress...hope you enjoy!

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