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Who Will The Wizards Select With The Third Pick


So the time has come, again, for the Washington Wizards to take their annual position in the NBA Draft Lottery. Wizards fan know this feeling all too well. There are years of success sprinkled here and there for the franchise, but generally, unless the Wizards give away their lottery pick in a dumb trade, they get their choice of some of the best amateur players who have elected to enter the NBA Draft.




It’s that time of year again, skyboxtalk subscribers. We like to wait until the clouds clear before we trot out our mock drafts. We don’t include trades, although they are certain to happen. This year has been particularly difficult, with the board and rumors flying everywhere. Everybody knows who the first two draft picks will be, but after that, it’s anybody’s guess. Without further ado, SkyBoxTalk proudly presents its 2012 NFL Mock Draft: (more…)

Redskins Swap First Round Pick, Give Up Two More And A Second In Trade With Rams

Once again, the Redskins are offseason-Super Bowl winners.

They may have mortgaged their immediate future, in terms of talented youth via draft picks, by moving up to the second spot in the 2012 NFL draft. Redskins fans have heard it all before. Give up draft picks for this, give up draft picks for that. While this trade may conclude with the same results, which many don’t believe will happen, it was the right trade for a franchise who has been looking for a long-term option at quarterback since the days of Mark Rypien. They now have an opportunity to draft one.

Andrew Luck is expected to go first overall to the Indianapolis Colts this April. The more intriguing storyline in the draft was what happen with the next pick. Ronald Griffin was expected to be taken with the second pick by whomever traded into that position. Rams GM Les Snead was looking for three first round picks. He essentially got that on Thursday by trading the Rams second pick this year for Washington’s 2012 first and second round draft picks, and first round draft picks in 2013 and 2014.

The Redskins are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback. During the Mike Shanahan Redskins era, the team has had to rely on the arms and instincts of Rex Grossman, John Beck and Donovan McNabb.

RGIII is a Heisman winning quarterback who runs a sub 4.4 40 and has incredible arm strength. He caught the eye and captiviated football enthusiasts last season with his quarterback play, his statistics and his charm. The military baby was a vocal leader and his energy and work ethic became contagious amongst his teammates.

Mike Shanahan’s offensive system is at its best when he has a smart quarterback who is mobile enough to run the bootleg and create plays if necessary.

If RGIII is everything he is expected to be and does not succumb to the D.C. social life, Mike Shanahan will have saved himself from being axed by Daniel Snyder. Not only that, RGIII may help change the culture in Washington to the point where Redskins fans will finally believe themselves when they say that their team has a chance to win the Super Bowl.

Now all the Redskins need to do is be wise over these next three years with their personnel decisions.

The Redskins essentially gave up only two first round picks in 2013 and 2014, along with A second round pick in 2012. Armed with about $45 million in cap space, they should be more than fine. With the Browns eager to trade into the second pick themselves, the Redskins were forced to give up a little more than they wanted but have drafted well and reigned in the checkbook as of late.

Let’s assume that the Redskins indeed end up with RGIII on draft day. With a Heisman winning franchise quarterback at the helm and a strong running game, the Redskins should be a few offensive linemen and a wide receiver away from fielding a competitive offense. Carl Nicks will be available this offseason, as will a number of starting-caliber interior offensive linemen. The list of wide starting wide receivers available in free agency this year is also extensive. Add to that the Redskins’ playoff caliber defense, with a few secondary acquisitions *ahem*BrandonCarr*ahem*, and the Redskins have the opportunity to sneak into the playoffs by the 2013 season, if not sooner.

Most importantly, the Redskins will have Ronald Griffin III locked in for four years at about $22 million dollars. Not a huge financial risk if he doesn’t pay off.

The Redskins needed a franchise changing quarterback this off-season. It looks like they will get one. Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan may have given up a lot more than they wanted, but nobody will remember or care if Ronald Griffin III (or even Luck if the Colts fool everybody and take RGIII).

Let’s hope this offseason Super Bowl win finally turns into one during the regular season.

SkyboxTalk Contributors – Week 4 NFL Picks

Our picks are up!  Our staff agrees on many of the games, and there are clearly some homer picks.

Head on over to or click below  to see who each of us have for each week 4 game and the reason why we chose each team!

Click here to check out our picks!

New Faces on New Teams in Futbol

Pardon me for not being hardcore enough when it comes to futbol, but I had no idea that Diego Forlan transferred to Inter.  And that he went there because E’to went to Russia where he will be getting paid $86 million, tax free.  Good to see Adebayor doing well with Tottenham.  Wish he was still with Madrid.

Diego Forlan has changed his stripes.

Speaking of new faces, Arsenal lost a bunch of them and it was showing on the pitch.  Good to see them finally getting back to normal.

Didn’t know that Klose went to Lazio either.  There are faces changing everywhere.  And expect there to be a change in Manchester City soon because a certain individual isn’t happy there.  Soccer fans should know who it is.

The German Klose finds comfort in Italy...No, it's not WWII.

Rooney began the season on a tear.  Haven’t heard much in the past week so I’m not sure if he continued it, but what a start!

Looking forward to the rest of the season and different cups.  Just picked up FIFA 2012 as well and it is amazing.

Not many soccer posts on this site, but that could change.  There are lots of wonderful things going on across the pond in each of the major leagues.  Should be a good several months on the pitch.

But enough about real Futbol.  Enjoy Sunday Football!!!

The 2011-12 NFL Season Begins Today!

Get your fantasy football rosters set everybody.  The NFL season begins this evening at 8:30pm with the New Orleans Saints visiting the Green Bay Packers.  This game matches the last two Super Bowl winning franchises against each other in what will surely be an entertaining game.  Two aggressive offenses against two aggressive defenses.  What more can you ask for in the season opener!?  Will Green Bay be able to repeat, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since the Patriots in 2004 and 2005?  Will the Saints be able to rebound from their embarrassing playoff loss last year?

Turn your televisions on tonight to the football game and see whether organized practices during the lockout benefitted the Saints or whether the Packers are still riding the Super Bowl wave into the current season!

Week 11 – 3 UP 3 DOWN

3 UP

1. New York Jets– The sudden trend and bright spot of the New York Jets, is their passing game.   More specifically second year QB Mark Sanchez having great success throwing to his weapons WRs Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards. Last week the Sanchez threw for 315 yards with 3 TDs, including the game-winning pass to Holmes with 10 secs left. That TD was Holmes’ 2nd, to go along with his 126 yards. Edwards was able to tally up 86 yards and a TD. After starting this season just focusing on managing the game, and minimizing turnovers, the Jets have opened the playbook up for Sanchez to air it up. The Jets were even up 23-7 into the 4th quarter, and Sanchez still was throwing the ball, ending the game with 38 attempts. Another impressive aspect of this performance, is he completely outperformed last years leading passer in Houston Texans QB Matt Shaub. The once weak spot of the Jets, is now the only thing winning games for them (more on this in the DOWN section of the post).

2. Buffalo Bills – Down 31 – 14 at half, the Bills rallied back with 5 unanswered TDs to put the Bengals down, before they even knew what hit them.  The Buffalo Bills have been having success putting up offensive points, but it was good to have that translate into their 2nd straight win, and 2nd win of the season. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has had no issues putting up big stats through the air the past couple weeks, with last week being no exception. Against the Bungles secondary, Fitzpatrick was able to throw for 316 yards, and match his career high of 4 TDs. Fitzpatrick has also found a new young weapon in WR Steve Johnson. In his 3rd season out of Kentucky, Johnson was able to gain 137 yards off 8 receptions, and score 2 TDs. Even forgotten #1 reciever Lee Evans has been emerging and racked up 72 yards last week. RB Fred Jackson has really helped to make the Marshawn Lynch trade an afterthought, and the injury of rookie RB CJ Spiller a non-issue, by rushing for over 100 yards, scoring twice. The Bill offense has really caught fire late in the season, but that also could be hurting them (more in the DOWN section) Read the rest of this entry

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