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New Faces on New Teams in Futbol

Pardon me for not being hardcore enough when it comes to futbol, but I had no idea that Diego Forlan transferred to Inter.  And that he went there because E’to went to Russia where he will be getting paid $86 million, tax free.  Good to see Adebayor doing well with Tottenham.  Wish he was still with Madrid.

Diego Forlan has changed his stripes.

Speaking of new faces, Arsenal lost a bunch of them and it was showing on the pitch.  Good to see them finally getting back to normal.

Didn’t know that Klose went to Lazio either.  There are faces changing everywhere.  And expect there to be a change in Manchester City soon because a certain individual isn’t happy there.  Soccer fans should know who it is.

The German Klose finds comfort in Italy...No, it's not WWII.

Rooney began the season on a tear.  Haven’t heard much in the past week so I’m not sure if he continued it, but what a start!

Looking forward to the rest of the season and different cups.  Just picked up FIFA 2012 as well and it is amazing.

Not many soccer posts on this site, but that could change.  There are lots of wonderful things going on across the pond in each of the major leagues.  Should be a good several months on the pitch.

But enough about real Futbol.  Enjoy Sunday Football!!!


Nike’s Amazing Commercial

No words needed…just watch..

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