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Who Will The Wizards Select With The Third Pick


So the time has come, again, for the Washington Wizards to take their annual position in the NBA Draft Lottery. Wizards fan know this feeling all too well. There are years of success sprinkled here and there for the franchise, but generally, unless the Wizards give away their lottery pick in a dumb trade, they get their choice of some of the best amateur players who have elected to enter the NBA Draft.



Underrated Dunk: Behind the Line!

Or Is This The Best Dunk?

Best Dunk?

Analysis of the Four Team, Five Player Trade

So it doesn’t happen often, but there’s been a four team trade. Exciting, huh? So this one actually makes a little sense although if we had to pick a loser there’s a team we can give that label. Trevor Ariza, Darren Collinson, James Posey, Troy Murphy, and Courtney Lee will all be playing in new zip codes new year. Houston, New Jersey/Brooklyn, New Orleans, and Indiana have all got new toys to play with. Let’s explain who got what and what it means for that team.

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Lakers Should Still Be Favorites

Check out this link.  Things still weigh in the Lakers favor.  The sixth man for the Lakers is the key, as is the Center position.

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The Reaction

By now you have heard, unless you live in a bubble, that LeBron James chose to play in Miami alongside Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. He made his choice during an hour long special titled “The Decision” which prompted me to name this post “The Reaction.” The reaction has been broken down by 3 criteria: Basketball, Brand, and Legacy.
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