The 2011-12 NFL Season Begins Today!

Get your fantasy football rosters set everybody.  The NFL season begins this evening at 8:30pm with the New Orleans Saints visiting the Green Bay Packers.  This game matches the last two Super Bowl winning franchises against each other in what will surely be an entertaining game.  Two aggressive offenses against two aggressive defenses.  What more can you ask for in the season opener!?  Will Green Bay be able to repeat, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since the Patriots in 2004 and 2005?  Will the Saints be able to rebound from their embarrassing playoff loss last year?

Turn your televisions on tonight to the football game and see whether organized practices during the lockout benefitted the Saints or whether the Packers are still riding the Super Bowl wave into the current season!


K.T.’s Mock Draft

1.Carolina Panthers – AJ Green. This option at first only seemed likely if they are able to trade down some spots. Now I see this pick instantly makes the whole offense better, no matter who is throwing the ball. The threat of losing Steve Smith, only pushes the WR position to a high priority.  Having no 2nd round pick makes the Panthers take a long look at Cam Newton, simply because the WR and DL positions are deep in this draft, but they take a safe 10+ year starter. Jimmy Clausen gets one more chance.

2. Denver Broncos – Marcell Dareus. People want to give Von Miller or Patrick Peterson here, but John Fox gets production out of serviceable DBS, and likes to sure up the front 7. With Elvis Dumerviel back, they get the pass rush of the edge back, now they need pressure from up the middle. Dareus helps give them this.

3. Buffalo Bills – Cam Newton. The Bills benefit from the Panthers wanting to take a safer route. They grab Netwon and allow him to sit and learn under Fitzpatrick and Chan Gailey. Coach Gailey’s success with mobile, athletic QBs along with the pressure to not start right away also help Cam in his progression into a NFL QB.

4. Cincinatti Bengals – Blaine Gabbert. People seem to forget, without Carson Palmer, the Bengals have 1 of the worst QB roster situations. Neither Jordan Palmer or Dan LeFlevor are looked at in the organization as becoming starters. The Bengals also are able to either wait out Palmers retirement threats, or trade him when the price is right.

5. Arizona Cardinals – Von Miller. The Cards luck out and get the pass rusher they were seeking. They didn’t want Gabbert to fall here because they actually like to try to develop John Skelton, so no matter what they were bringing in a vet. (more…)

D. Whitaker’s Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft
Team  Player Position Comments
1 Carolina Cam Newton QB A gamble but the Panthers cant afford to not take him.
2 Denver Von Miller LB Broncos D sucks. Miller immediate impact.
3 Buffalo Marcell Dareus DT Buffalo has a lot of holes, Dareus is a hole plugger.
4 Cincinnati AJ Green WR Ocho and TO are gone so they need a stud WR
5 Houston (via Arizona) Patrick Peterson DB Houston’s secondary was historically bad.
6 Washington (via Cleveland) Blaine Gabbertt QB Shanahan wants his own QB to groom.
7 San Francisco Robert Quinn DE San Fran will address QB needs later or next year
8 Tennesee Jake Locker QB Locker can sit  behind Collins for a year.
9 New England (via Dallas) Cameron Jordan DE Think 2011 Richard Seymour
10 Cleveland (via Washington) Julio Jones WR Holmgren loves wideouts Read the rest of this entry

Guest Blogger Asher’s Mock Draft

1. Cam Newton–Panthers
2. Von Miller–Broncos
3. Marcel Dareus–Bills
4. AJ Green–Bengals
5. Patrick Peterson–Texans (trade with Cardinals)
6. Julio Jones–Browns
7. Prince Amukamura–49ers
8. Nick Fairley–Titans
9. Robert Quinn–Patriots (trade with Cowboys)
10. Blaine Gabbert–Redskins Read the rest of this entry

N. Gray’s Mock Draft

1. Carolina – Cam Newton  (The Panthers need a face of the franchise.  And a QB.)
2.Denver – Marcell Dareus (Denver’s defense is atrocious.  They need him.
3. Buffalo – Von Miller (This guy can be really good and they really need help on defense.  Fitzpatrick will suffice for now)
4. Cincinnati – AJ Green (With T.O. and Ochocinco likely gone, this should be the pick)
5. Arizona – Patrick Peterson (With A.J. Green gone, they can pair him with DRC to create a nice tandem)
6. Cleveland – Julio Jones (Colt needs a real McCoy to throw to)
7. San Francisco – Prince Amukarama (They need CB help badly.  Clements is not what they thought he was)
8. Tennesee – Blaine Gabbert (They are excited that he falls into their lap.  Kerry is old)
9. Dallas – Mark Ingram (Surprise pick but Marion Barber can’t stay healthy, CB’s are gone and they don’t select OT’s high)
10. Washington – Robert Quinn (Imagine the damage he and Brian Orakpo can do) Read the rest of this entry

Judge Nelson’s Brady v. NFL Decision

Click below to read the ruling. More thoughts on it later.

Judge Nelson decides case between Brady and the NFL

Can Tiger Catch Jack?

Much has been said about Tiger’s “Majors” drought. Maybe it’s deserved. But it’s not as bad a drought as you think. With Tiger playing well this week thus far at the Masters and currently sitting three back from the lead as we head into the weekend, it is important to put into perspective his career and whether or not he can still attain the goal of having won the most “Major” championships.

First, let’s review Jack Nicklaus’ career. Over a 24 year career, Nicklaus won 18 Major championships. His first career win came in 1962 at the age of 22. He won at least two majors in one year an exception five times. He won his 15th major at the age of 38 and got his last title in 1986 at the age of 46. Twice, he went three years between major championships, while going six years between his 17th and 18th championship.

Let’s put that into perspective. In 1997, Tiger Woods won his first major at the age of 21 by winning the Masters by 12 strokes. You read right. He won his first masters by 12 strokes. He has been on the pro tour 14 years and has averaged a major per year. At 35, he is still three years ahead of Jack Nicklaus in terms of age when winning the 15th master. He has gone three years without winning a major championship, last winning the 2008 U.S. Open. This ties for his longest drought since failing to win a major championship between the 2002 U.S. Open and the 2005 Masters. Yet, he is still on track to win more majors than Jack Nicklaus.

Tiger may again fail to seal the deal this weekend. He has had personal troubles and also likes to change his swing every single tournament. But if what we saw today was him recapturing his old self (and causing those paired with him to self destruct like his opponent today), then the the golfing circuit has something to be concerned about again. There is no reason that Tiger Woods cannot maintain his form for the next two rounds and remain posed enough to collect that 15th Major and his 5th green jacket, all the while putting himself one Major closer to the Golden Bear.

Here is to hoping that he is finally back in the swing of things. No pun intended.

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