Weekly NFL Picks


DW ~ 0-0 ——- FR ~ 0-0 ——- NG ~ 0-0 ——- KT ~ 0-0

Detroit @ Dallas



  • KT – Rob Ryans blitzes make Stafford pay for taking so many chances. Stafford trusts his arm too much. If you look at last week highlights, all those throws were off his back foot.
  • DW – Detroit is good…but not 4-0, go on the road, good.
  • FR – Dallas skimmed past rival victory last Monday in typical Dallas vs. Washington battle.  However this week they have a young hungry team coming into Jerry’s World.  Detroit has been hitting on all cylinders lately and the people haven’t been kind to Dallas either. Earlier in the week Dallas was favored by 3 1/2 and now it has dropped to favored by 1, which may only be because they’re playing in Jerry’s World.
  • NG – Detroit has the talent on offense to keep up with Dallas and the defensive line to give Romo and company fits.  Dallas rode an emotional high last week.  Detroit is different this year.

Carolina @ Chicago

KT/NG/DW – Chicago

FR – Carolina

  • KT – Cam Newton has his “Welcome to the League” moment, courtesy of Julius Peppers.
  • DW – Bears D will be the most physical Cam has faced.  Expect him to struggle.
  • FR – Chicago’s offensive line is trash and Carolina has a defensive end by the name of Charles Johnson who just got paid and has 3 sacks in three games so far. The battle starts and ends at the line of scrimmage.
  • NG – Carolina’s run game is having issues and Newton will have to earn his passing yards.  But it won’t be enough.

Pittsburgh @ Houston

Consensus – Houston

  • KT – The Steelers have tricked themselves into thinking they are a passing team, and will try to out-throw the Texans. Funny thing is, Texans win by outrunning the Steelers.
  • DW – Pittsburgh as a team has struggled so far. A “show me” game for both teams.
  • FR – Houston turns the corner and gets a feel good win by defeating the deflating Steelers.  Pittsburgh has not been the powerhouse they’re known to be.  Pittsburgh barely beat Indy and Houston crushed Indy earlier this season. See where I’m going with this?
  • NG – Pittsburgh, as Sapp has said, looks old this year.  Struggled against the Colts, who lost to Houston by a whole lot of points.  Foster should be back to team with Tate and the receiving weapons in Houston.

Tennessee @ Cleveland

NG/FR – Tennessee


  • KT – Tennessee looks to find it’s running game now that Kenny Britt is on IR. The Browns stack the box and keep the Titans from moving the ball. Browns win this single-digit scorefest.
  • DW – Titans loss of Kenny Britt and playing on the road…
  • FR – Although Chris Johnson hasn’t broke 100 yards yet this season (your man has 98 yards) and Kenny Britt’s out for the season, this is nothing new for Matt Hasselbeck who’s used to having subpar help offensively. He’s doing his thing in Tennessee with an impressive 102.2 passer rating.
  • NG – Even after Kenny Britt left the field last week, Hasselbeck had a good day.  I expect things to continue and I see Tennessee hanging around all year with Houston before eventually fading.  Watch out for Johnson too.  Cleveland is in the bottom half in Run D.

Buffalo @ Cincinnati

Consensus – Buffalo

  • KT – Buffalo for once will be playing from ahead, and I don’t see the Bengals having the moxy yet, to pull the come from behind wins that the Bills have enjoyed this season.
  • DW – The Bills should handle the Bengals but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s close.
  • FR – Buffalo’s feeling themselves after snatching the W from their bully New England last week. They take their new swagger into week 4 and take the W from Cincinnati’s house.
  • NG – Cincy is secretly second in the league in D.  Unfortunately they’ll be playing Buffalo.  This one will be closer than expected, but Buffalo has more firepower on offense than Cincy does.

Washington @ St. Louis

NG/FR/KT – Washington

DWSt. Louis

  • KT – The NFC East surprise team dominates the NFC West Surprise team. The surprise factor for each is different, where the Rams are looking like 1 of the worst teams in the league up to this point.
  • DW – The Redskins have looked good but history tells me these are the games they lose.
  • FR – Washington’s trying to make the jump to a winning football team.  They have the pieces, unlike St. Louis who has a struggling sophomore QB and an injured running back.
  • NG – Redskins always lose to St. Louis when they should win, but this one’s different.  Homer pick on this one, as Washington goes into the dome and comes out with a win, especially considering the state of St. Louis’ offensive line.

Minnesota @ Kansas City

KT/NG/DW – Vikings

FRKansas City

  • KT – Finally, 1 of these teams get a win. Vikings have the luxury of changing things by feeding AP more. With Charles done for the year, there is no such adjustment the Chiefs can make to turn their fortune.
  • DW – Kansas City’s home crowd should be a factor but too much AP.
  • FR – My heart of hearts is telling me to pick Kansas. The stadium is going to have to intimidate Minnesota.  Any given Sunday, Minnesota is going to turn the corner and become a winning team.
  • NG – Thank goodness the Vikings have Adrian Peterson, because McNabb has proven this week with his words that he no longer is a leader.  And it had already shown through his play.  They have to give AP the ball AD.  And when he doesn’t have it, short passes to Harvin, please.  Vikings in a close one.

San Francisco @ Philadelphia

FR/NG/DW – Philadelphia

KTSan Francisco

  • KT – This game comes down to defense, and San Fran is the 1 that is more dominant up to this point the season. Eagles haven’t used their speed to their advantage like they did last year offensively.
  • DW – Long road trip for the Niners and the Eagles need this win.
  • FR – I’m not sold on San Fran until they get rid of Alex Smith.  This is the time when Philly starts winning. They’re on a two game losing streak and the media is taking shots at them.
  • NG -San Francisco plays in the NFC West.  San Francisco has no passing game.  San Francisco has an injured Frank Gore and young, inexperienced back-ups.  San Francisco loses.

New Orleans @ Jacksonville

Consensus – New Orleans

  • KT – Easy Brees’y.
  • DW – Jacksonville just doesn’t have the offense to stay with the Saints. Blowout!
  • FR – New Orleans is looking through Jacksonville to get ready for the upcoming Carolina battle next week.
  • NG – Saints have: Lance Moore.  Devery Henderson.  Jimmy Graham.  Marquis Colston.  Robert Meachem.  Ingram.  Thomas.  Sproles.  Brees.  Jaguars have: MJD.  New Orleans might send the  Jags packing to LA after this one.

Atlanta @ Seattle

Consensus – Atlana

  • KT – Atlanta is much worse than most expected (not me), but they still are able to handle a team led by Tavaris Jackson.
  • DW – So tempted to pick Seattle here because Atlanta is terrible away from home but Seattle is just terrible period.
  • FR – Yes, the overrated Falcons will beat the subpar Seahawks. Possible trap game though.
  • NG – Seattle is a bad team, but when they’re playing at home there’s always a chance that they win.  At some point Atlanta’s offense will start to run on whatever cylinders they’ll run on.  Atlanta is the choice, but not a confident one.  There’s something about them that makes one put no faith in them.

New York Giants @ Arizona

FR/NG New York Giants

KT/DW – Arizona

  • KT – Both these teams QBs found success just throwing the ball up to recievers and praying. I have more confidence that WR Larry Fitzgerald comes down with the TD catch more than Victor Cruz though.
  • DW – Classic trap game. Giants coming off a big win, have a long way to travel.
  • FR – Eli was impressive last weekend and Arizona’s secondary is not looking promising, especially to someone named Manning (even if it’s not THE Manning).
  • NG -Arizona will have its hands full with the Giants getting two pretty good defensive linemen back this week.  They likely won’t be able to stop the Giants offense either.  Manning and company haven’t had a turnover in several quarters.  They’re playing pretty well right now.

Denver @ Green Bay

Consensus – Green Bay

  • KT – Defending champs continue their quiet unbeaten streak and the Tebow chants grow a little louder in Denver.
  • DW – Green Bay is simply the better team.
  • FR – Yea, Green Bay is going to slaughter Denver.
  • NG – Still believe that Kyle Orton is a good quarterback.  Still believe that John Fox runs the ball and that’s it.  The offense is way too predictable.  That’s a problem, especially when one plays the Green Bay Packers, who have looked Super Bowl worthy this year.  Expect Matthews to get out of “his” rut, which would be a fine Sunday’s work for most.

Miami @ San Diego

Consensus – San Diego

  • KT – Miami has still yet to find offense and the Chargers 1st place offense of last year is looking even better. San Deigo continues it’s uncommon early season success and puts Tony Sparano out of a job.
  • DW – “Miami just doesn’t play good football.” – Donald
  • FR – This one will be closer than the experts think but Chargers pull it out.
  • NG – Rivers is having one of the worst seasons of his career, which isn’t even bad, and they still managed a good record in September.  Haven’t heard that in a while.  Miami is without their best running back, and his name isn’t Reggie Bush.  Vontae Davis is out too.  Henne and Marshall hook up a bunch, but San Diego wins.

New England @ Oakland

KT/DW/NG New England

FR – Oakland

  • KT – Tom Brady bounces back from the 4 INT performance to pick apart the Raiders secondary. Raiders dominate on the ground, but can’t put together a game winning drive that way.
  • DW – I expect the Raiders to give the Patriots all they want but Pats get the W.
  • FR – The return of the championship game which will stay in our memories forever. Buffalo exposed New England’s defense last week and Oakland has the weapons to defeat New England
  • NG – New England is meddling at the bottom of the league on Defense.  Oakland pounds the rock and is getting efficient play from their QB, Jason Campbell.  However, Tom Brady is the other quarterback, and the Raiders are down a cornerback, which they desperately need.  Although New England didn’t capitalize enough with Terrence McGee out last week, they won’t fail two weeks in a row.

New York Jets @ Baltimore

KT/DW/NG Baltimore

FR – New York Jets

  • KT – The Ravens Defense is not as dominant as it was with Rex there, but this explosive offense is also 1 that Rex is not used to going against. Without Cromartie, the Ravens are able to stay off Revis Island but still coast into paradise.
  • DW – These two teams are pretty much mirror images of each other. Ravens O is better so they’re the pick.
  • FR – They’ve been hearing it all week about how they lost from Rex. They’re going to unleash some frustration on Baltimore.
  • NG – Holmes is still trying to get healthy.  The Jets offensive line is shaky.  Greene has been shaky.  Sanchez has been inconsistent.  Baltimore looks like they have found their groove after falling on their face Week 2.  Baltimore will keep that groove on Sunday and come up with a great game from Ray Rice.

Indianapolis @ Tampa Bay

Consensus – Tampa Bay

  • KT – The Bucs get a gimmie game to stay afloat in the NFC South playoff picture. Curtis Painter starting for the Colts means bad nerves for not just Peyton, but the whole Indy front office.
  • DW – Who’s is the QB for Indy this week?
  • FR – Indy doesn’t have a QB yet.
  • NG – The Dungy Bowl.  Tampa Bay wins this.  Freeman is much better than Painter and the Colts keep losing players to the IR on defense.

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